Eternal Love Episode 26

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Apr 4, 2017

episode 26 spoilers ahead

This episode is fairly straightforward as it sees the end of several plots (Su Su) and the beginning of others.

1.Su Su leaps to her death from the terrace. Ye Hua tries to catch her, and unable to, follows her in one of the most beautifully executed scenes in the series (especially since she is wearing white, he is wearing black; this can draw so many parallels. yin, yang, two halves of one whole. Take your pick. In the novel, this I believe is where the novel starts?)

2.Su Su lands in the 10000 mile peach blossom, only the ghost kings seal is gone, meaning she is yet again a goddess.

3.DH speaks with Si Ming and explains that after he enters seclusion (he lost a lot of power saving FJ's life and killing the guardian of the pagoda). He plans on entering the mortal realm in order to give FJ exactly what she wants: a marriage. Si Ming can do this as he writes the fates for the mortals. If the emperor asks, DH says to tell him that he is undergoing trials. (I 100% think this is as much for himself as it is FJ; he totally wants her)

4.The celestial emperor uses his power to revive a near-dead YH. The uncles/princes knock the emperor unconscious so he doesn't kill himself trying to save YH and leave to get a special grass. They fail (and return very beat up and bleeding). However Zheyan, the phoenix, arrives and offers his assistance. After YH is stable, Si Jin fetches a special treasure, that we learn about only now (of course). It just so happens that this lamp, the lamp her mother was buried with; this lamp can gather a persons convenient :D

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