Eternal Love Episode 27

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  • Aired: February 13, 2017

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Apr 4, 2017

ep 27 spoilers ahead

1.BQ chooses to drink the forgetfullness potion. She will lose all of her memories, and their will be no way to recover them. She is now a high goddess, as this love trial was her test (recall many episodes ago that Phoenix said she was supposed to endure a trial before going she went missing?) Phoenix and the fox clan meet--they have to get their story straight. They explain to BQ, who has forgotten her memories of Su Su, that she fell into a deep sleep after sealing the previous ghost king. Her eye loss (and this is a bit bizarre) is from a dormant childhood illness. Phoenix fixed her eyes so she can see but she cannot tolerate bright lights. He gives her a silk blindfold that is invisible..allowing her to tolerate a certain level of brightness.

2.BQ comforts FJ who is inconsolable since DH...well it is like he broke up with her even though they weren't together. FJ looks adorable cuddled up next to 4th brother as she explains she can't let anyone see her cry and she can only cry here, at home (I have always wanted to point out the differences between the fox clan and the other clans--they live in a cave with few luxuries while everyone else seems to drown in material wealth. I guess this emphasizes they are more direct, more simple, and only need family and love...)

3.Alone, FJ now cuddles up next to her Aunt (they look so cute!) Auntie (they call her 'Lady' in the novel) is now the ever practical BQ, and explains that the differences between her and DH are too great. DH is so old that he was ruling the world when her father was not even born, that he is higher ranked than the heavenly lord, and her aunt asks since she knows all of this, why is she wasting her time. Fj replies that it would be great if love listened to reason. (That basically sums up this show).

4.The conversation turns to BQ's experiences in love, and she doesn't want to talk about (she is referring to Li Jing, whom she once loved) and then they talk a bit about the cloud fan that she retrieved for BQ. Auntie lightly scolds her for being impulsive but thanks her for standing up for her (FJ and BQ have an unbreakable bond, and they are like sisters in the novel). YH arrives, undoubtedly at the provocation of DH, to speak to FJ about any information concerning Si Yin. FJ lies and says she knows nothing.

5.At the same time, BQ learns of her marriage to YH. She refuses to see him, and here we see yet another example of a drama plot device (just missing one another). If he saw BQ that today he would have been spared a lot of heart ache.

6.In an epic scene of awesome, that has yet to be repeated in any show that I have seen (and it is limited), Si Jin is happily about to wed YH. He stabs her and leaves her in the street, in front of everyone and denies her entry! Wabam! Can I blame him? No. He also leaves the audience very satisfied as he does what many people have been wanting to do all along. Oddly cathartic. (Most shows the male lead just ignores the villain or sends someone else to do the dirty work).

7.Si Jin, so wrapped up in her love to the point that she believes any action is justified (in the social work world I would say this is like criminal addictive thinking behavior, where you rationalize and defend your criminal behavior) is shocked and hurt, unable to understand why YH has done this to her.

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