Eternal Love Episode 37

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 37 summary spoilers! kind of boring episode

1. Xian Nu is imprisoned by the ghost lord. This line stays with me, 'In the 70000 years that we have been married I have never truly understood you'. I am not sure if this means that having seen her behavior around Bai Quian he finally understands her or if it emphasizes that he can never understand her. Either way, she is still his wife, and I think Li Jing is someone really unsuited to be a ruler because he does not seem to want to hurt other people intentionally. He seems to not be happy with the task of punishing her but he tells her that at the end of the day, he is ghost lord first and so he sends her to the Artic and await a day to be punished (he has to skin her and tear her limbs off, I think, is what Ye Hua requested).

2. Of course she is placed in a cell next to the eldest ghost prince. Of course they are going to collude together. Which also begs the question: how is it that two of the craziest people are placed so close together? Must be dumb luck. Or a writer who has new plot line he wants to write.

They are both so deluded. And so obsessed. Xian Nu and he are now filled with hate and thirst for revenge; she is willing to risk Li Jing's life if it means she can kill Bai Quian by working with Li Huan. I find these two characters extremely interesting, because members of the ghost tribe are so different from the rest of the tribes--they are much more human in their actions and resolve. And without a doubt more passionate.

3. Third prince explains to Yu Hua the history with Mo Yuan and his relationship with Si Yin in a way that has Ye Hua questioning if he is just a fill in for Mo Yuan (I think they may be the same person, but who knows).

4. Mio Qing (sea princess) is lectured by third prince and tells her to go home; she is wasting her time. It is obvious by her expression that she has become steadily disheartened since arriving. Which may be the first time someone in the show has actually wavered in who they love; everyone else seems to be so obsessed with one person. Of course I don't mind this. But it should be noted if that is in fact true. Maybe there is still hope for the sea princess if she can remove herself from Si Jin.

4. Some guy named Bi Feng confesses to Bai Quian (I like her character a lot but I get tired of the trope of 'every guy loves one girl' and vice versa) Bi Feng shouldn't confess since Ye Hua is pretty possessive. Anyways, we are treated to an awkward scene as Ye Hua interrupts and Bai Quian must reject him in a respectful manner in front of Ye Hua (who I imagine is seeking a confirmation of her feelings) and she hides behind etiquette and her clan, stating she has no choice but to marry Ye Hua.

--I can't help but notice, as I am sure anyone reading and watching can, that she loses her cool facade around Ye Hua and becomes clumsy and shy; it's cute--is it bad that I kind of want her to knock Ye Hua around for what he did to her eyes?--

5. For the billionth time Yu Hua tells Bai QUian he loves her and how he will never leave her. Perhaps residual PTSD froom her memories is making her reject him again and again and again. Perhaps the betrayal of others in the past is impacting her decision. It could be stubborness since she had no control in selecting her partner. Who knows. And now we have to deal with Yu Hua wondering if Bai Quian loves Mo Yuan or not.

6. 18th explains how everyone got drunk that night and Si Yin went missing with Mo Yuan. Who knows how to hold her drink better than anyone else....? Tell me WHY Ye Hua hasn't figured it out yet but he solved the mystery of XianNu so quickly? Come on writers!

7.Si Jin has a plan for the sea princess to follow--we can all bet it is nefarious.

8. I do feel for Bai Quian who has to endure the stares of her friends and family who are clearly suspecting their relationship to be romantic, something she is not ready to admit which makes her more defensive.
Overall I found this episode to be more of a 'tying lose ends' and 'setting the stage for more things' episode. It wasn't very interesting and merely granting closure on some things only to plant the seeds for new conflicts.

I won't lie was extremely sad there was no Dong Hua and Fenjiu in this episode. It isn't that I don't like the maine couple, I don't know why, I just like Dong Hua and Fenjiu more perhaps because of how unrealistic their pairing is while Bai Quian and Ye Hua seems far more practical/realistic. It should be noted that the interactions of Bai Quian and Ye Hua are more understated and subtle, a skill that is arguably much more difficult in writing and acting to pull off and make interesting. So i can respect the writing and acting. I also think that my adoration for Journey of Flower makes me more likely to like Fengiu although I might like Fengiu even more because of her mischief-making and reckless behavior.

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