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  • Aired: February 17, 2017

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 36 spoilers--fengjiu is married!! And Bai Qian gets some revenge

1. We open to Bai Fengui whose hand is firmly grasped by Dong Hua. He is gazing into her face intently and she begs him to stay by her side. He promises to stay by her side. She seems to become uncomfortable (she wears her emotions on her face) and tells him the other concubines have been waiting outside. He allows them and as they come in he asks if she would accept the title Pure Consort, making her even more uncomfortable and the Royal Consort to remark that it would be improper to which he replies 'when has anything ever been proper in my harem' O_o

2.Change scene to Bai Quian who is with Yi Zhen who is excitedly trying to show her a cute animal. But he makes the mistake of touching her. Ye Hua who is watching shows himself and says he is here to claim his wife. Si Ming knocks the boy out, erases his memory, while Ye Hua explains to Bai Quian why he is angry.

3. Chance scene to Fengjiu who, poor girl, is visibly troubled. She clings to her aunt and looks like a lost puppy while she asks her what she should do--and says that Dijun a.k.a. Dong Hua looked like he was about to cry while looking at her. Her Aunt, either because she is impatient with Fengjiu or trying to make her feel better, I'm not sure, tells her she must have imagined it and blames the water (I genuinely believe that if Fengui weren't so worried she would have accepted that lame reason). But Fengiu is adamant. He was upset.

4. Si Ming and Ye Hua enter, and we learn that the disaster fate of love involving Zi yhen and Dong Hua has been averted however because Dong Hua did not fall for the fated lady then Fengjiu must take her place. Otherwise it would be interfering with fate. This reason alone is what convinces Fengjiu to do it, and i have to respect her for her selflessness, while she loves Dong Hua she genuinely wants to repay his kindness still and does not want to selfishly take advantage of him. That is difficult to do. I personally would take full advantage of a chance to be with the beautiful Dong Hua, even if he is not in his mega hott god form. ---We also learn that she has to hurt Dijub by giving him something sweet and then hurt him--

5.Change Scene: We learn that Si Jun is shocked that the little princess from the sea had the guts to push Quian into the water (yes, it was her who did it) but because she failed she now needs to figure out how to get rid of her because if Ye Hua investigates he will be angry if he traces it to her. So what does she do? I am continually delighted by her duplicity and manipulative nature: she says she will help the girl become Ye Hua's woman. Yup.

6.Chance scene to Dong Hua who is creeping outside of Fengjiu's room. He says he could stay there all night long and seems to clearly be infatuated with her. He goes inside....

7. Let me use this point to say that I hate Dong Hua's beard and mustache SOO much.

8.Dijun asks if she would like to play 'go' she says she doesn't know how. He says he will give her anything. He says he has been struggling to remember how they met. He believes that they first met when she first slept with him (a.k.a. Lady Chen) She asks him if he is really going to spend the night here, and he asks if that is inappropriate, and she says no. She is afraid and thinks about her father who would be mad if she slept with some guy outside of marriage. So Dong Hua agrees to marry her again!!!!!!

9.I love weddings! We are treated to a lot of famous Dong Hua 'looks' as he waits for his bride! (You know, that kind of intense unblinking analytical/overall intense stare) This is so shocking and awesome because it is the guy who is the most unfeeling and arguably eccentric in the universe. Lusting for a woman. Mind blown. Also reminds me of the fact that he is like as old as time, hooking up with one of the youngest immortals alive....

10.They sleep together....times like these make me wish that China didn't have such strict censorship I wanted to see more kisses, not an implication! Sigh....

11.Change scene-We learn more high immortals are catching the same sleeping sickness. Bai Quian learns that Xian nu took on her appearance and kidnapped not just Mo Yuan but her son. I love how quickly this character acts, she immediately is out for blood. No hysterics or concerns for the consequences. Super kickass.

12. Change Scene-Ye Hua has magically connected everything Xuian Nu--apparently there was a goddess whose murder intent hampered her ability to have children. She got around it by killing high immortals and making an elixir. Caper solved. When he learns that Bai Quian went alone to the ghost kingdom he storms off

13.Si Jun lectures the young princess to never be like 'that woman' who causes Ye Hua to disrespect palace kingdoms The little sea princess seems to be uncomfortable but agrees she is right.

14. Bai Quian kicks a lot of ghost ass using her fan in a great action scene. I think she can handle it herself as she is a high goddess. But she is injured. And then she plays a little game of words with the ghost rider queen who looks pretty bad ass herself (love her costume) . Bai Quian basically slaughters all of her soldiers blindfolded---

15. Xian Nu uses Mo Yuan and the boy as a living shield, stopping the sword from killing her just as Ye Hua shows up. I don't blame her--i would have used them too were I trying to accomplish what she was trying to accomplish. In a refreshing display, Ye Hua ASKS if she wants to kill her or does he want him to kill her. She tries to, but Li Jing intervenes because Xian Nu uses Bai Quian's face.

16. The truth is out, and you can tell how deluded she is because she explains to Li Jing the plan to save their son. Li Jing can either brutally punish her himself or go to war. Ye Hua gives him this choice. Seeing her situation unravelling Xian Nu results to begging Li Jing. It is evident that Li Jing knows he is right. He begs for mercy on her behalf--Li Jing is just too nice--and then Xian Nu is dumb enough to boast!! Her old face is returned to her for this.

17. Xian Nu seems to suffer a mental break at having her old face returned. In a fit of madness she blinds herself.


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