Eternal Love Episode 41

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 41 spoilers ahead MORE Fengjiu :D :D

1. We open to phoenix heading to the north to take care of some business and then to Bai Quian who is reassuring her servant that A-Li is asleep because he drank wine and she 'overestimated' his ability to hold his liquor and that he will likely sleep for another day. There is zero judgment because not only is he a god but he is several hundred years past the legal drinking age (21 in the U.S, where I am from),

(I can't help but notice the type of outfits Bai Quian favors. It seems each outfit is unique to the character. Fengjiu favors more striking colors in pink and red, perhaps because of her bold, romantic, playful character; Bai Quian favors cool blues because she is so level headed and direct and maybe Si Jin favors gold because she wants to project warmth and status.)

2.Bai Quian overhears the maids gossiping about how great Si Jin is (not sure if Si Jin planned this) and the compare her to the high goddess: Si Jin is supposed to be kind and gentle and stands up for people who commit crimes, while Bai Quian is old and cold and someone to be feared. I personally say she is someone to be respected and is fair. But they don't know her. That is partly (in my opinion) Bai Quian's fault; she avoids others chiefly because of her directness which can be misinterpreted or intimidating and she probably avoids friendships to protect herself.

3. Bai Quian lectures Ye Hua for babying A-Li; Ye Hua basically says he isn't your child. She admits that she could never give birth to someone so kind and that she learned to be unrestrained, and not to be kind--I think this is a middle finger to the culture of raising women to appear a certain way. Take Si Jin who must project a certain image. Bai Quian doesn't care about others thoughts and says what she thinks, a truly enviable quality and certainly not desired in a young woman. But her status as a high goddess combined with her beauty and her role as a queen gives her certain liberties others don't have. I imagine many women would envy Bai Quian because of her confidence and ability to defy the norms; many men and women lack that freedom because they have no power or it has been ingrained in them to follow certain rules. And the celestial court is, if anything, rigid and strict, unlike Quian Quian. I mean look at Fengjiu.

The scene transfers to a DRAMATIC FIGHT SCENE WITH DIJUN
4.Dijun and Fengjiu are fleeing assassins. She is struck in the back by an arrow! They took refuge in an abandoned building. She calls him Dijun in her pain, making the emperor wonder who the hell Dijun is. Even in her pain she explains she does not cry because her aunt told her she must protect others and be unafraid of death. The emperor says he will protect her.

5.Dijun kills all the soldiers and flees, looking for a physician for the dying Fengjiu. Coincidentally he encounters Yan Zhi in her mortal form (all the gods are living in the same area in close proximity to each other??) Aww it's so romantic!!!! I don't want her to die I don't want them to forget! Fengjiu has him promise not to forget their promise. He continues to think about this unknown Dijun but promises to protect her. She says he will forget her when she dies, and he insists over and over (like he can make it happen) that she will not die. This is so sad. Oh geeze dramas never make me cry....

6.While Yan Zhi is tending to Fengjiu, Xuan Nu appears and says she can detect the scent of the fox tribe and guesses by her age who she is. This is confirmed by her knowledge of remembering that Fengjiu had the plumbed coxcomb on her forehead, used to confirm the former's identity. Xiuan Nu seems to think she can use Fengjiu to resurrect her son. But Yan Zhi will not allow her and encourages her to let the boy (Ying'er) go. Poor Xuan Nu. I'm surprised she hasn't stolen a baby to replace hers. Anyways she insists the boy is not dead.

7.Recall a few episodes back the princes went to look for divine fungal grass to revive Ye Hua? Well it's now been brought back. They failed. However Yan Zhi tells Xuan Nu about it and that it may help. This is probably to help her and also get her to back off from killing Fengjiu. She promises to help her find it after helping Fengjiu. 18, who can sense evil intentions, sends her a warning with his mind (he can do that?). I am learning that the mortal realm is a SMALL realm.

8. Xuan Nu distrusts Yan Zhi's kindness (I don't blame her. Everyone has essentially rejected, abandoned, or hurt her mainly because of her own actions but it is still really sad). There is a cute scene with 18 and Yan Zhi (apologize if I get some people's names wrong).

9. Dong Hua's response to the attempt on his life (and more likely the attempt on his favorite concubines life?) the clan responsible is to be completely obliterated (wowza) and everyone is to be questioned, including the crown prince. I think this is because of his feelings (bordering on obsession) for Fengjiu.

10. Dijun/Dong Hua/Emperor promises that he will not betray Fengjiu in any lifetime. With my knowledge of dramas, I have a strong feeling he is not going to live up to this promise, making for very good t.v. later. Poor Fengjiu I have a feeling she has a difficult love story in store for her.

11.Dijun has kept the bell (recall he gave it to the old man by the bell/Fengjiu stole it) that Fengjiu gave him in this lifetime and he swears to keep it FOREVER. Will he live up to this promise as well?

12.Everyone is gossiping about the incident regarding the sea princess--the story is Si Jun tried to beg for mercy for the girl but Quian Quian ordered her sent away--Bai Quian's image as a harsh woman is being cemented. Luckily she doesn't seem to care.

13.The episode ends with Ye Hua's mother explaining she is uneasy about his interest in Bai Quian, whom she learns (but hasn't seen) looks like Su Su. She also believes Bai Quian will cause troubles because she apparently got A-li drink (even if it was unintentional).

I am wondering how Bai Quian will fit into the celestial tribe's extremely rigid (and conservative) world, I wonder what Si Jun will do next, I am curious of Xuan Nu will succeed in resurrecting her baby, and most importantly, what will come of Fengjiu who has received big promises from Dong Hua (my instinct screams he is going to hurt her)

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