Eternal Love Episode 42

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 42 Spoilers Ahead You Have Been Warned

1. Has Ye Hua fallen for Qiu Qiu's Bai Quian or is it because of how she looks, asks his mother. Ye Hua is deliberately evasive and hides behind the excuse: heavenly emperor gave her to me of course I have to marry her. I am guessing the PTSD from his experience with Su Su has him wanting to hide these feelings to protect her.

2.Bai Quian sees Li Xu (I think), Bai Quian's mom and Si Jun arm in arm talking about why Si Jin is not pregnant. Judging by Bai Quian's face there is a bit of jealousy mixed with feeling like an outsider. In addition, Bai Quian is probably feeling apprehensive since she is not the warm fuzzy kind of person like other women--she is probably worried no one will like her.

3.Change scene to the northern sea. And this makes no sense: we learn from phoenix that Mo Yuan has been in the west sea for many years, I suppose part of his soul was born into the sea prince, and then all of a sudden Mo Yuan's sword on Kunlan mountain begins to glow....Mo Yuan is preparing to wake up?

4.Now Ye Hua is ill, like having a heart attack, is he Mo Yuan?? Does he have part of his soul? So much is happening right now I don't know what to think.

5. Phoenix discusses concerns as not to tell Bai Quian the new information because of concerns that Ye Hua may have a.k.a. being confronted with the now real fact that Mo Yuan will come back and that means competition not just within the celestial tribe, I imagine, but for Bai Quian. So it seems they are different people.

6. In the end, Phoenix visits Ye Hua and explains to him that Mo Yuan's spirit resides in the body of the Northern sea prince. He also tries to explain that to Bai Quian,he is a mentor. I think he just makes Mo Yuan sound even more awesome. Surprising me, Ye Hua wants to resurrect Mo Yuan a.s.a.p. because he wants to make Bai Quian happy (so selfless!) but maybe he also wants to end the turmoil of wondering how Bai Quian truly feels.

7. Si Jin appears to greet Bai Quian who immediately calls her out for not greeting her directly (after Si Jin basically brags about her good relationship with Ye Hua's mom and son). This is so good....Bai Quian also makes a point for pointing out Si Jin's insulting behavior by not greeting her properly, so Si Jin knows she is not dealing with someone unafraid to confront her. Next tactic? Point out how devoted Yu Hua is to the memory of Su Su, goal? Raise jealousy. Smart girl. She isn't saying anything untrue, although it might be inappropriate since she didn't ask.

8.Bai Quian gives her a warning, reminding her not to be 'too smart' I think essentially she is telling her I know what game you are playing and I play it better, because she follows it up with instructing her to greet her in the Qiu Qiu way which for someone like Si Jin would be extremely annoying (it involves a lot of preparation and bowing). Bai Quian immediately figures out that Si Jin made Su Su jump, and she is surprised to learn that Ye Hua stabbed her and that she stole the eyes of Su Su.

9.The servant girl explains that while Ye Hua succeeded in convincing everyone but Si Jin that he did not love Su Su, his refusal to see Su Su resulted in Susu doubting his love and leading to her suicide.

---I really, really love how direct, smart, and no-nonsense Bai Quian is, and how when it comes to her feelings she is extremely sensitive and perhaps immature--

10. Phoenix explains to Bai Quian all the news about Mo Yuan. (Sorry,I know she is a different actress but she looks a lot like the lead from journey flower so whenever she says shifu I keep expecting bhai zu hua to pop out) . They try to theorize why he selected a prince of the west sea to house his soul, and the theory is that perhaps he is repaying a kindness since (9th?) died and is from the west sea (I apologize if I misunderstood this part). Such a nice shifu.

11.Bai Quian wants to leave but does not want to be rude so she writes Yu Hua a letter explaining her reason for leaving. Ye Hua looks pissed when he reads that letter. Second prince asks Ye Hua to stop his cousin, who is seen throwing a somewhat cute tantrum--she wants to go to the mortal realm and be with Dong Hua (can't say I blame her) I am still surprised she threw Fengjiu in the evil pagoda. But she is very impulsive. I think second prince asks him to do this to distract him from his own personal troubles. Instead, Ye Hua gives her permission because she wants to do her best for love--I guess mirroring his own situation. Second prince literally tells her 'go see Dong Hua, whom you can't have' bwahahah


12. Crown prince is stuck on his shifu (a.k.a. Bai Quian) who has left. He has the cloud fan, and Fengjiu tells him that it is the cloud clearing fan. She suspects aunt has forgiven her former maid because she gave it to his son. Unfortunately, they trigger something in the crowd, causing her to use magic, knocking them to the ground, and then royal consort finds them. Yes, he was on top of her. he must have a double curse. This can't be good. She immediately goes to tell his majesty. Oh no.

13.The royal consort tells the story she heard and says it is all a lie. That they were basically in each other's arms, implying they are lovers.

14. Dong Hua rejects her words and says anyone who repeats them will be killed. However, both are imprisoned (so I guess he does believe the concubine). Si Ming appears and says that their current situation is better than anything anyone could have conceived in terms of hurting him. The emperor shows up and is ready to hear her side.

15.Si Ming tells her stay firm. As in to admit to adultery. This is seriously some twisted stuff. Si Ming is telling her (while invisible) to admit to an affair. whaaaat?

-Why, why, WHY does Dong Hua want her to hurt him like this??? What can he gain? Besides hurting Fengjiu, who is being asked to ignore her principles and hurt the one person she loves the most?? I am so confuzzled.

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