Eternal Love Episode 43

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  • Aired: February 21, 2017


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Mar 29, 2017

ep 43 spoilers ahead--MY FENGJIU SUFFERS SO MUCH

1.Before Fengjiu can answer to the alleged adultery, Dong Hua interrupts her and clearly gives her an out, blaming the power struggles of the harem. Fengjiu says it is her fault for giving others the impression that she is a temptress. So it seems that she fails to follow through with her task. (I don't blame her).

2.Si Ming a.k.a. star man explains that there are six hardships, and one includes betrayal from the one you love. He also warns her that if Dong Hua learns that she avoided doing her job he will 'condemn them'. (Really?? I can't see it). Fengjiu says she can't bear to hurt him. This is truly an awful thing to ask someone who you know is in love with you to do. Dong Hua my respect for you lowers with each scene.

3.Dong Hua continues to have his doubts, and then Si Ming disguises himself as a guard and reports that something illicit is happening.....(TRAITOR)

4.Fengjiu magically appears in the crown prince's bath, ready to seduce. The emperor is watching the whole thing. Dong Hua looks absolutely terrifying. The look in his face is truly frightening. Fengjiu says she has nothing to say when he asks. He says no one is to know about this matter besides the three of them, before walking away, looking crazy. And THEN he coughs up blood and collapses ????????

5.Fengjiu is at his bed side, in tears. I feel so bad for her. She really has got the short end of the stick. All the concubines are there, and they toss her out. Fengjiu has to listen to the head consort say awful things about her as she is dragged away by guards. She tries to tell him that she had reasons to betray him but it is too late it seems. My heart is popping out. The authors are cruel. Why would they make Fengjiu have to do this? Why does she have to suffer so much?

6.Si Ming Tries to remind her that this is Dong Hua, and she tries to explain her love and worries to him but says 'you can't understand' and she hopes he will remember in the immortal realm, everything they have done (I guess this means his promises_. Si Ming said he can't forget everything but the relationship will change because he will be a god again. He also warns her that their romance started and ends in the mortal realm. POOR FENGJIU. This is a cruel thing Dong Hua has chosen to do to her. And extremely selfish I might add.

7.Dong Hua has a vision of Fengjiu walking towards him. Although ill he grabs the bell she gives him and squeezes it tightly before coughing up more blood and (dying?). Fengjiu is inconsolable in her cell. Si Ming is even having trouble with this task. He begs the gods to give him a clear head.

8.It seems the emperor has died 18 years too soon. He was supposed to live longer. Si Ming wonders if it is because of losing the one he loves, further adding to Fengjiu's heartbreak and despair. Si Ming then runs off and leaves her alone?!!

9.Back in the immortal realm Dong Hua awakens (so pretty again) and he appears to be not in a good mood. He remembers everything that has happened. He thinks back to everything he has done with Fengjiu and he seems to be visibly troubled, and angry, because his hand is in a fist. because he is still holding the bell!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strangely, cousin just arrived when he died...And yet he seems to show no concern or regret, that Fengjiu is currently rotting in some cell someone because of something he wanted her to do. NEVER TRUST BEAUTIFUL MEN WITH WHITE HAIR.

10.What will Dong Hua do now? I sincerely hope he does not mistreat Fengjiu. Even Dong Hua does not know why he died sooner than expected. Si Ming believes the love trial was too much to bear for him. Does not care about what is happening to Fengjiu back in the mortal realm? Won't she be killed?

11. Ye hua immediately arrives to inquire about divine fungal grass, I am assuming, to resurrect Mo Yuan. While he admits he is strong enough to obtain it he suggests Ye Hua do it himself. Dijin shares everything he knows about Bai Quian, including that she is Si Yin. (but what about Fengjiu????)

12.Dong Hua explains that because of his hardships he can understand empathy/love now and why Bai Quian is so attached to Mo Yuan. (again, what about Fengjiu???) This can't be reassuring for Ye Hua.

13. Ye Hua takes the magical lamp and prepares to take it to Mo Yuan. We are treated to an annoying (but necessary) scene with A-Li (I admit bias here; I don't like child actors). Then back to Bai Quian strolling along the beach with Phoenix. They are here to see the sea prince. Bai Quian continues to delay meeting Mo Yuan. She takes out Mo Yuan's soul fragments, I think, in a very emotional scene before running into Yu Hua who looks to be more miserable and cold as he watches Bai Quian express a level of care and concern for Mo Yuan that she has not shown anyone else (naturally he mistakes it for love).

14. Ye Hua is in tears basically and muses on how everything is a mess right now before leaving. Bai Quian is equally confused. End episode (again, what about Fengjiu????)

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