Eternal Love Episode 44

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 44 spoilers ahead

1.Bai Quian discusses with her brother Ye Hua's confessions, and she is concerned because she wasn't 'moved'. It sounds like two people who don't have a lot of experience in love scratching their collective heads and overthinking everything.

2.Dong Hua and Si Ming discuss the trial. Shockingly, Dijun has lost 9/10ths of his power. He says it will be fine in a few years but no one is to know.

3.Fenjiu is back in the immortal realm (not sure how she got there). Mi Gu is trying to get her to eat and she is feeling responsible for sabotaging Dijin's trials. Mi Gu points out the obvious, that even if she manages to satisfy her debt, she probably won't ever forget Dijun, presumably because of her feelings for him.

4.Fengjiu (like me) is wondering what will happen now with her and Dijun. Her father appears and punishes her. She must kneel while holding a stick. She apologizes, then tries to escape. She begs him not to beat her. Her 4th brother steps in and pleads for mercy on behalf, explaining she is the only girl left now. Her father is concerned about the embarrassment Fengjiu has caused.

5.4th brother uses the mention of Bai Quian'ss son to distract his father. Fengji is able to go to the west sea to see her aunt. She runs into Yuan Zhen, now a god again. She takes the time to clear up the bath misunderstanding, explaining the heavenly trial of love to him. Apparently he was executed for his role in Dong Hua's death and his trial ended early :/

6.All the old disciples have gathered at Kunlan. Meanwhile Ye Hua prepares to give Bai Quian the soul lamp (I think in his mind this confirms his belief that she loves another). He tells her how to use it. I think he kind of sarcastically remarks that she knows how to take care of Mo Yuan well. In a surprisingly cowardly mood she asks him if it is okay for him to give it to her so easily--almost like he wants him to stop her. She says she wants to repay his kindness (guilty, I think, and confused about her feelings for him). Ye Hua confesses he only wants her.

7.Bai Quian ignores this request and tries to leave. Is Ye Hua going to rape her?? He shuts the doors takes her to bed--starts to kiss her, and she has flashes of old memories involving him--he magically removes their clothes, they hook up (?) but in the next scene are fully clothed so I am not sure if that happened. I think they sleep together. Censorship laws make for some confusing content.

8.Bai Quian eventually leaves and Fengjiu appears, embracing her aunt. Aww they have such a cute relationship. I think that out of everyone around they have such a unique relationship. Kind of like mother daughter/sisters. Bai Quian holds her while she cries.

9.The celestial king explains his stamina is failing and he is ready to pass the throne onto him but is looking for the right time. He says that after he destroys the divine fungal grass (did I misunderstand?) he will use that occasion to do it. It seems there are four mystical beasts (hurrah for more awful CGI) guarding it. I bet they have a lot of heavenly father's sealed power too O_o

10.Bai Quian reveals to 18th that she is infact Si Yin/17th. She explains what happened 70000 years ago but 18th is just happy to have found her. And he doesn't seem to care about her gender. Fengjiu is keeping her aunt company while she waits for Mo Yuan to awaken. Elsewhere Ye Hua is cradling his son.

11. It ends with Ye Hua setting out to tame the mythical beasts with second prince.


I am fixated on the relationship between Fengjiu and Dong Hua. I have a bad feeling that she is going to be hurt very badly by Dong Hua. This drama seems to be a bit sadistic in the men doing something to hurt their lovers. But it does make for good storytelling.

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