Eternal Love Episode 46

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 46 spoilers ahead

1. The sea king tries to marry 18th to his daughter. Bai Quian tries to counsel him that he shouldn't force a marriage on his daughter. 18th proposes giving her the opportunity to meet many young men and then pick her favorite. sea king rejects this. Bai Quian runs from the argument.


2. Dong Hua is walking around, looking way too pretty, and keeps remembering details about Fengjiu, to the point of having a vision of her in his room. He reaches out to touch her but she disappears, and then he again looks at the bell almost as if he is in pain or feeling some intense feeling (conveyed all through his eyes).

3. Si Ming explains that the parents of Fengjiu have decided that she is of age and her parents are accepting marriage proposals. Dong Hua appears annoyed and asks him why he is mentioning it and Si Ming reports it is a 'casual conversation'. (yea right). Dong Hua gives the bell to Si Ming to return and explains there debt is settled and chastises Si Ming for thinking that there is a deeper meaning.
--so it seems Dong Hua is choosing to ignore his feelings and to move on-

4.Fengjiu is with her aunt, receiving gifts from eligible men. She doesn't seem interested. It seems she is not about to give up. She tells them to leave their names so she can return them. Si Ming arrives with the gift from Dong Hua (why he would send it when she is receiving gifts from suitors is anybody's guess)(he could have waited, it is like posing as a suitor when really he is rejecting her completely by explaining what kind of relationship they are to have now)

5.Fengjiu receives the message that the gift is meant to be a keepsake from their time in the mortal realm. She is clearly upset when she sees the gift because she gave it to him when he promised to 'never let her down for all eternity'. Fengjiu accuses Dong Hua of being insensitive and calls the gift worthless. She is clearly upset. She goes to the mortal realm where they spent the night in the barn and who is there but Dong Hua.

6.Fengji is chastised by Dong Hua and repeats that the romance ends in the mortal realm. But being the only person who could get away with it, Fengjiu is upset and confronts him; she asks why he is this shabby hut, and asks him if he remembers what happened. Dong Hua clearly remembers, and his face is pained as he recounts that he remembers (back to her the entire time so she doesn't know) however he coldly shuts her down and even says that they are not common mortals, not just trampling on her feelings but disdainfully rejecting her. HE CLEARLY CARES FOR HER but is not allowing himself to love her? What makes him so special?

7.Fengjiu's spirit seems to be crushed. Now she is obediently staying at home, I imagine she wants nothing to do with the celestial court. OMG why are the writers so cruel to her? She HELPED him. And he didn't have to be so mean! He clearly is forcing distance between them, to what end, who knows. Is he not allowed to be in love? Is he a giant jerk? Does he have some sort of image to maintain? He should be lucky Fengjiu gives him the time of day after what he put her through.

8. Ye Hua wakes up. In spite of Li Jing's warnings he offers up the divine elixir.

9. The celestial is filled in on the events of the eastern sea, and apparently Ye Hua has lost all of his power. That seems to be a theme in this show. So no one will be around to take on Cuang Cuang. How convenient.

10. They feed the elixir to the prince that has Mo Yuan's spirit. He passes out but Bai Quian and friends reassure his father. Elsewhere Yan Zhi(demon princess) journeys back with the baby while 16th stalks her in the woods (I guess he is protecting her?) He returns back to Kunlan and she meets her brother, encouraging him to be strong for his people and the baby.

11. Apparently the baby has not been revived yet. But Yan Zhi is going to try. Mi Gu visits Li Jing and apparently phoenix sent him there requesting that he repay a favor to Ye Hua for rescuing him. They get the soul jade from them.

----Most interesting thing was probably Fengjiu and Dong Hua in this episode--

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