Eternal Love Episode 45

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 45 spoilers ahead

1.We open on a poignant scene: Xuan Nu and ghost princess at a campfire. Xuan Nu asks her if she too thinks she's crazy for carrying an ill baby around. Ghost princess explains no, she doesn't think that, because the ghos palace is a cursed place and destroys anyone associated with it. She explains that had Xuan Nu not come there, she would not be so hate filled.

2.In a pivotal moment, Xuan Nu recounts how her entire life she has been compared to others, first her elder sister who married Bai Quian's eldest brother, and then Bai Quian, the beloved and beautiful fox princess. She was the youngest in her family, and because of that, (I think) Xuan Nu was always overlooked or felt left out. She ran away from her arranged marriage because she wanted something more. She fell in love, and Xuan Nu explains that one misstep has haunted her entire life. It really is quite sad--while Bai Quian worked hard to be a high goddess she was born with certain things that Xuan Nu could never have. She was envious and felt insecure (undoubtedly because she heard only about the other girls and maybe herself was overlooked for being average). She decided to take one thing for her self and it has all gone down hill since then. Very sad.

I think of Xuan Nu were a stronger person she could have made it work, but her weak character made her very susceptible to jealousy and envy, twisting her and filling her with hate. Going to great lengths for the man she loved and then being rejected by her friends and family and the man she loved also play a big part. She played a big hand and lost a big hand.

3.Yan Zhi , 16th (sorry I called him 18th earlier), and Xuan Nu arrive at the sea where the heavenly beasts who have 1/2 of the heavenly kings power reside (recall Dong Hua was severely hurt by a similar spirit that had 1/4 of the king's power in it in the evil sealing pagoda).

4. The ghost princess and the other guy--oh--16th--are clearly no match for the beasts. Li Jing shows up (of all people) and joins the fight. Li Jing tells 16th to take the ladies somewhere safe while he fights them alone. But Xuan Nu is adamant and refuses to leave. 16th is more concerned about Yan Zhi and he leaves her.

5.Ye Hua shows up, places a protection barrier around 16th and Yan Zhi, and then goes inside to join the fight. Li Jing tries to bring Xuan Nu to safety but she will not leave. Ye Hua engages in some epic CGI battles (the animation reminds me a little of the original clash of the titans). He suffers a severe wound but is successful. Ye Hua takes some divine fungal grass and then looks like he is about to take it all or destroy it. A panicked Xuan Yu runs at him with a sword (or in his direction) and a monster bites his arm off. Xuan Nu is knocked to the ground, still desperate for the divine fungus, but it doesn't look like she will be getting any.

6. Le Jing leads her out, and everyone follows Ye Hua (now missing an arm) to the beach. He sinks the island into the eastern sea, destroying all traces of divine fungus (why, I have no idea) maybe they feared it would be used to revive the previous ghost lord. Yan Zhi begs that he use the fungus on the dead baby because it is half celestial. Ye Hua does so.

7.Xuan Nu is apparently dying, and Li Jing tells her that the grass is for their son. Xuan Nu touches his face and he promises to get her better. She repeats she truly loved him and he says 'I know' before dying (so sad!). In a truly awful turn of events, his inner monologue is 'I have finally remembered your face Xuan Nu, what a ridiculous couple we are' I don't know if this implies he finally has feelings for her or not. The child is revived, and he gives the order that he be returned home.

8.MEANWHILE Ye Hua is wandering around, no arm, like it isn't a big deal, perhaps because he is thinking of Bai Quian and Mo Yuan. Interestingly, Li Jing says he cannot use it on Mo Yuan. Li Jing explains if he uses it, then it will break the seal on the bell. Li Jing finally reveals that he and his siblings are vessels of power for his father, and that as they die he grows stronger.

9. Yu Zhen and 16th clearly have feelings for one another but he refuses to go back with her instead he chooses to go to Kunlan mountain (sigh). She apologizes and tells him to NOT come after her before walking off with the baby.

10. Ye Hua is kind of crazy in love. He lost his arm. And doesn't seem to care! He needs to take better care of himself! The sea prince awakens, and a fake arm is given to Ye Hua (a prosthetic; apparently they don't have skello-grow)


I found Xuan Nu's stellar performance and tragic death after a life just drowning in sorrow to be the best thing about this episode. Everyone else just seemed to be boring. I was glad the writers gave her an opportunity to at least explain herself, making her more 3 dimensional.

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