Eternal Love Episode 51

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  • Aired: February 26, 2017

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Apr 1, 2017

ep 51 spoilers

1. Bai Quian chooses to descend to the mortal realm where she sees a very young (7 year old?) Ye Hua at school. Even here he is a prodigy but he is mocked by his classmates for having only one arm. Ye Hua, in his typical way, does not react to their taunts. That night (and this is amusing) Bai Quian visits him and tells this little boy that she wanted to see her future husband. Naturally the kid is baffled. She explains she is a goddess and where she is from and makes sure to get an admission from him that she is beautiful. The following morning mortal Ye Hua is pouring through books trying to find the location of her home. She gave him the beaded necklace that Ye Hua once gave her in the heavenly realm, so the kid knows it was real and not some weird dream.

2. In a very lovely scene, (but very sad) we see Fenjiu sitting on the steps of Kunlan in the snow. She is crying (only in a drama could a woman look so pretty when upset/I would look like a squished tomato if I were crying) Her aunt immediately comes to hold her and learns that not only has Dong Hua rejected her again but she has shamed her family. She asks her if she could ever give up on Ye Hua, and Bai Quian feels guilty for telling her to give up on him so readily, essentially seeing how deep her niece's feelings are for Dijun.

3.After a dinner party with Moyuan and phoenix her aunt explains that because she is marrying into the royal family Fengjiu should prepare to be Queen of the fox realm. Instead of being elated Fengjiu views it as a death sentence--she asks her how she could keep her trapped in the fox realm, effectively ruining any chance (if any exists) to be with Dong Hua. Her aunt tells her to forget about him (poor BQ she clearly does not want to hurt her niece any more but she has no choice; this isn't YH this is DH, someone who is arguably even more unobtainable. I do think that BQ is being slightly patronizing to her niece but she must also know that her words are falling on deaf ears).

4.FJ calls her out and tearfully asks her how she could do this if she just admitted she couldn't give up on YH. FJ runs away and runs into Li Jing, who is standing outside the cave where he and A-yin spent time, as if expecting her to emerge. He sees FJ and tells her crying ill becomes her. FJ calls him a boring man and cries some more but doesn't leave him. They stand there together, both reflecting on their lives and choices, I believe, because Li Jing sadly explains he can see his entire life and it is boring, implying he has done nothing significant and has been useless. (I find this to be so sad because his efforts helped ensure peace; he took the higher road even if it meant he lost face among his own people; he remained with Xua Nu even though his feelings for her were at best lukewarm--he is perhaps one of the most loyal people in the series and this may be because the one time he was not loyal had such sad consequences)

5.Li Jing returns home and essentially gives his will to his sister: he gets on his knees (this was an extremely heart wrenching scene) and begs her to take care of his son, and explains to her that very soon she will be the last remaining royal family member. He tells her that he entrusts the ghost realm to her. Before his sister can stop him he renders her unconscious and tells his mount to remain behind and care for her. The kid begs him to let him go with him but he explains that because he is the luckiest creature in the magical world then he should stay behind and help protect his sister.

6.Moyuan (I need to read the novel because it is essentially explained that the novelist will have him in his own story involving an ancient demon goddess, which would make his feelings for BQ kind of unexplained) thinks on some flashbacks between him and Su Yin, and his feelings are rather ambiguous--it isn't clear if he loves her as a woman or merely as a student. Even as his fave student it would be understandable if he still was sad she would be leaving him; maybe I am misreading the relationship between them? His deepest concern is her happiness, it seems, as he asks if YH treats her well.

--This was an excellent episode, in my opinion, as we were able to see how others are dealing with events as the series reaches its climax. Moyuan is choosing to respect BQ's choice and wants her happy; FJ has said she has given up on Dong Hua (as in chasing him, but truly she loves him still) but is struggling with her painful unrequited love (and extremely sad rejection; on the one hand I hate it but on the other hand there is something to be said for cruelly pushing someone way helping with the break-up; maybe he hopes that she will hate him?) in addition to the daunting task of becoming her clan's queen, something she does not want or feel ready for; LJ is firm as he faces death. We only need to know how some of the other big players feel: DH, Si Jin, third prince, etc. feel.

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