Eternal Love Episode 50

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Mar 30, 2017

ep 50 spoilers ahead--more Dong Hua!

**hard to believe there are only 8 left**

1. We open to Fenjiu in Dijun's arms. He reassures her that she is not his calamity because he is fine. She continues to hug him and says she won't leave him and will stay with him. I adore his reactions, because his expressions change from pain to embarrassment to flat again. Unfortunately her father arrives (perhaps triggering his reversion to the flat expression) She hides behind Dijun but he leaves her alone with her father (who will probably kill her) after shaking off his robes almost like she has wrinkled them. Also let it be known I thought he was lying when he said her father was there.

2.She insists on remaining and admits she can't let him go. (I just want to give her a hug!)

3.Scene changes and they are back on Kunlan. All the disciples still living are present. it should be noted that Bai Quian has a uniquely different outfit on--it's gold-ish. She almost always wears light blues. Perhaps it is to make Mo Yuan the focal point since he wears blue.

4.I really respect Mo Yuan who doesn't even act like he ever left. It's just another day for him. Meanwhile he's been collecting soul shards for 70000 years. He's remarkably at ease.

5. Everyone is shocked to learn Si Yin is a woman. They listen as she explains and apologizes for how she stole Mo Yuan's body. Everyone seems happy to see her but think she is lying about being a girl.

6. Ye Hua is one in the mortal realm and phoenix explains to Mo Yuan what happened following his death. He focuses on Si Yin's actions.

7.Back to Dong Hua who goes to bed immediately upon arriving and guess who shows up. She explains that since her chastity is gone her father beat her (she has blood). He touches her chin and says they look fake. He instructs her to act better. She apologizes for lying about the wounds. Apparently Cheng Yu got her to do this. (this scene was awesome if only because Fengjiu is the only person who would sneak into his bed)

8. He puts on his cloak protectively, as if he it is a shield. He reminds her to stop while she is ahead. She thinks it is related to his calamity that he is avoiding her but refuses to tell him who. He tries to use age as a shield, and to tell her he has killed a ton of people, as if to convince her that she is both dumb for lack of experience and for loving someone so violent. He angrily says he is deprived of all emotion and that this all child's play, and she should basically f**** off.

9.Our scene changes to her back with Cheng Ye, who is surprised so little scared her off. Apparently Dong Hua is old as time, and was leading wars when the current heavenly lord wasn't even alive. Star lord guarantees that Dong hua is not going to meet his calamity any time soon.

10. I have so much feels for Fengjiu who is trying to figure out what the heck to do--she's like a baby in a room of extremely smart adults. I admire her romantic spirit.

11.Chance scene back to Dong Hua, posing as he reads. Fengjiu's father enters and begs an audience. He grants it as it is about Fengjiu. He asks him to realize her dream by marrying her since they were married in the mortal realm. He recognizes her devotion and believes it is the best choice. However dong hua coldly replies that they are not meant to be together (I def. think this has a deeper meaning).(Her father has the cutest mustache and must really care about her to petition someone like Dong Hua)

12.Dong Hua calls Fengjiu who seems afraid of more harsh words. He again tells her that she means nothing to him, they have no future, that she was part of a trial, rejects her feelings, says there is no you or me, and she reminds him of all of his promises. She actually makes him angry and he yells at her. she kisses him!!!!

13. Dong Hua does not react and remains absolutely frozen. I think he is trying too hard to appear indifferent. She asks him why he is cruel, he says he treats everyone the same and she tries to understand but he changes the subject to her father. She says this is all her fault and seems ashamed because her father begged when he never begs, and she runs away, but is clearly in love.

14. Dong Hua is extremely stoic and I personally think has a lot of feels inside (I mean she aroused his anger which says something). I think it is so nice her father did not blame her, that instead they leave together. He doesn't even seem to care that she is no longer chaste; but the fox tribe is a bit more advanced than the other tribes.

15.Dong Hua is playing a game alone, as if to emphasize how lonely he is, I think, staring emptily at the pieces. Star lord is afraid to speak to him it seems (I don't blame him. Dong Hua has shown a lot of emotion, mainly anger). Dong Hua is in a foul mood. Si ming expresses empathy for Fengju. Dong Hua seems to be stuck on the fact that her name is not next to his, i.e. on the rock of three incarnations, then it is impossible (basically they have no fate so they can't do anything about it). it seems he has thoroughly analyzed and explored the possibility of being with her and this rock has left him to conclude that he ought not to have anything to do with her. Looking back he kept repeating everything that he was--or rather was perceived to be--to Fengjiu as if he was trying to convince himself of his own logic. However LOVE KNOWS NO RULES and I doubt even fate or some random rock can predict something like love. Why else would this series be chock full of people loving the wrong people?

*In this scene we get a real idea of how old Dong Hua is. He's been referred to as the 'prehistoric god' which I imagine equates to something like primordial for us westerners (primordial being used to describe Greek Deities that are super old/foundational gods). I thought he passed on the crown to the current heavenly lord but here they say there was a heavenly lord before the current one who received the crown. Which again begs the question: how come he has aged so well? He looks like he could only be (at most) a decade older than Fenjiu (and that's stretching it) he's like a zillion years old. all the fans of BQ/YH I have to apologize for over analyzing everything related to this couple they really have captured my interest...

think Dong Hua has thrown the towel in without a fight BECAUSE her name isn't next to his. I call that cowardly. He's Dong Hua! What should he be afraid of? I think he's afraid of being hurt. After all didn't his trial end abruptly because of the pain of love? Yup, i think he is afraid of her leaving him so he is pushing her away. But can Dong Hua handle seeing her marry someone else? Doubtful.

16.Li Jing learns more of his soldiers are planning to collude with the former king. Some believe that he can restore the glory of the ghost tribe but others who remain loyal to Li Jing know that he will destroy the world for his revenge.

17. Phoenix and fourth brother tease Bai Quian for being slow witted in matters of love--perhaps alluding to the fact that Mo Yuan has feelings for her but she doesn't see it.

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