Eternal Love Episode 53

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Apr 1, 2017

ep 53 spoilers ahead

1.We open to DH holding FJ who (because she has having a fever) is seeing him is as the emperor from the mortal realm briefly but remarks he looks better as an immortal. She thinks she is dreaming. DH promises to walk home in the rain with her. She asks him to reciprocate his feelings for her. After she passes out he kisses her forehead.

2.DH requests that BQ and kin not tell FJ that he visited before leaving.

3.BQ is curled up next to FJ (it is a pretty scene actually) and then she wakes up. BQ is unable to lecture FJ for her actions however she asks her to be more careful. FJ says cutting off a tail is like experiencing death. She says she learned something, and her Aunt asks if she has suddenly fallen out of love. FJ says she won't give up and 'will find a way'. Her persistence is admirable. I would be interested to see how the creators do her story in a sequel.

-We can all confirm a fact that DH has feelings for her. Otherwise I doubt he would have kissed her or even shown up to check on her--I imagine he is feeling a lot of things because of her--I say this because some people thing he doesn't care for her. I don't think anyone but FJ could stir his interest in such a way.

4. Si Jin succeeds in creating a fake BQ with the goal of sending her to the mortal world. Her plan? She says her and BQ share the same weakness of being in love with YH. Her plan is to manipulate BQ into thinking that the mortal is Su Su, breaking up their relationship from the inside. In theory it is a good plan because Si Jin recognizes her lack of power in facing someone like BQ. This is her best tactic. But a risky gamble because she is directly interfering with the celestial emperor's edict and the relationship of the crown prince. But Si Jin i think is the type who has to play big or go home, and so far it has served her well. But YH once warned her to be careful because her luck would one day run out. I think that Si Jin's days are numbered (the fact that the series is almost over also implies that).

5.Down in the mortal realm YH encounters the fake Su Su and immediately recognizes that it is not 'her'. I guess this is what you call soul mates? He gives fake su su money and then invites her to his house after she buries her father. In these days, the only reason a guy does something like that is to take on a concubine. I imagine he will give her a job as a maid though because YH is morally superior even as a human. (DH would never do that. He is not morally superior. Read the pillow book for proof).

6. Meanwhile, BQ is hanging out with 16th. She playfully hits him but he can't dodge it and he coughs up blood. I imagine he is weak because he made the medicine for the ghost princess. Never a fool, she immediately guesses it is related to his 'brief romance' with a mystery lady. 16th plans to go the sea of innocence (per his promise) as MoYuan is going into mediation and the other disciples are returning to their old posts.

--Maybe a sequel will involve 16th and DH?--

7. 16th leaves and makes it clear nothing will get him from his post unless BQ's life is in danger. The soul gathering lamp is given to BQ

8.BQ journeys to find mortal YH. It seems Su Su is his close servant, and will even drink tea with hime (oh oh). He seems ill because he coughs a lot. I personally think that BQ is far too rational to fall for these games. She doesn't appear upset when watching him. Then Si Jun shows up to personally admit that it is a figurine (I don't know why she did this, maybe to imply that YH loves her because she looks like Su Su--I truly think that Su Jin is playing too big of a gamble here. It would be very easy for this plan to unravel. She is getting sloppy)(also I think Si Jin is deeply wrong in her understanding of BQ's character. She is expecting her to act like how must women would act in love. This kind of trick would work on someone who isn't exactly the smartest i.e. FJ not BQ)

9. BQ indeed begins to wonder if YH likes her because she resembles Su Su. It does seem to bother her deeply but I think she will bounce back quickly.

--This episode felt a little slow

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