Eternal Love Episode 54

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Apr 1, 2017

ep 54 spoilers ahead

.1. We open to a very drunk BQ (it takes a lot for that to happen) stumbling around with FJ to catch her. She sounds convinced that YH does not love her but Su Su.

2.BQ destroys the soul lamp. She pricks her finger on it. A weird light enters her. And now she has all of her memories back! Si Jin better hide. Because now she knows that she is Su Su. And that A-Li is hers.

3.BQ decides to get revenge BQ style (I find this one of her best points) and she is literally an eye for an eye. FJ chases after her to be her support. Because BQ is basically attacking the 9 heavens.

4. They won't let FJ in because they don't believe she is the empress bc BQ introduced herself as the empress

5. BQ shows up to confroont Si Jin!! Yeah! Su Jin, ignorant of what BQ knows, continues to play her games. She says I am here to attend to you and accuses her of using her eyes for 300 years. Si Jin knows she knows the truth.

6.Su Jin is in tears now, realizing her plans are collapsing. She collapses, refusing to believe it. BQ gives her the choice to dig them out herself or have BQ do it. Si Jin seems to have lost it. This is an EXCELLENT example of retribution. She takes them back.

7.Si Ming helps FJ in and she whispers the truth, that her aunt has showed up to take out Su Jin. FJ runs off to help while Si Jin runs for the emperor, telling all the guards to hold up justice. However FJ stops her. Fj confronts her but she continues to spin her lies.

8. Before she can run off DH stops FJ and orders her to follow him.

9.BQ is at the terrace Su Su jumped from; her inner monologue reveals that it feels like (her Su Su life) happened just yesterday and she wonders if YH knows how much she has suffered. She then retuns to the peach blossom field with her real eyes. (i find it hysterical that even the phoenix seems baffled that she could regain her memories since that should have been impossible. little does he know ANYTHING is possible in a chinese drama)

10. We randomly go to YH who is dying (?? what??) at a very young age. Su Su is at his side (fake Su Su). He explains that he has been waiting for one person his whole life.

11. Su Jin collapses at the celestial emperors feet and begs for justice.

12.DH seems to be looking only at FJ as she gives her well-acted and emotional story. Props to her. but she is in a burning house. FJ intervenes and defends her and says BQ left to help the celestial tribe save face. She calls them out for everything, including what they did to her aunt. DH seems to side with the emperor, leading FJ to ask him if he is going to help her. DH agrees to be the judge in order to keep everyone out of it. The celestial emperor's inner monologue basically says he can't help Si Jin anymore since the matter involves DH.

13. Si Jin is in trouble because unlike the emperor, DH has no attachment to her. It ends with DH beginning to question her.

--I Like that FJ can focus on taking care of her aunt instead of DH. Her aunt is after all her favorite friend and relative.--

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