Eternal Love Episode 55

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Apr 1, 2017

ep 55 spoilers ahead

1. YH who awoke during the last episode is returned to the celestial kingdom. A guard fills him in on the latest brew haha. YH, not being an idiot, realizes this means that BQ is upset and has likely regained her memories (something he has worried about, given his role in her suffering)

2.YH summons his elder brother and asks to re- address the case of Yu Zhen (the kid Si Jin set up for rape). Behind them is the fake Su Su? He frames it as a matter of protecting his uncle's other children as well who may be harmed by the damaged reputation.

--Si Jin's house is super on fire now, and she has NO WAY OUT. So many people are working together against her--

3. DH's punishment seems to be for her to guard the bell forever (where demon lord is imprisoned) and to never return. So permanent exile.

4. Si Jin is a mess! She pretends to not know Su Su, who fades away and her little statue is thrown in as evidence. When it rains, it pours but her house is still on fire! YH explains that Si Jin created the figurine to have a fake Su Su seduce him. Apparently this is a big crime, and her magic was forbidden a.k.a. witchcraft. Then Comes the crime against the eldest son who raises the issue of his son being wrongly accused. All of Si Jin's dirty laundry is out in the open.

5. Yuan Zhen explains what really happened that day he was accused of molesting Lady Jin (he never had a chance to defend himself). Su Jiin accuses Yuan Zhen of lying (so awful bc so many women are so afraid to come forth if molested!) DH, being the smartest guy alive (except when it comes to love) asks a series of questions regarding the incident that Su Jin cannot get around. Now she is accusing DH of conspiring against her (she really lost it) and then she accuses 'everyone' of conspiring, which slanders YH, and since she is in his harem, that is another crime.

6.Blindly she clings to YH's robe and begs him. she tries to use the fact that they grew up together to beg him. He uses his position to confront her (at this point she has been stripped of being a consort) and then he coldly says if he sided with anyone it would be his side consort (that was a bit cold).

7. In order to save face and avoid offending the fox clan, they cease the investigation but she must be punished. Her foster parents say they are ashamed of raising such a bad trial and ask to personally punish her. Even the soldiers are speechless (the ones who fought alongside her family).. She has literally shamed herself in front of everyone. It becomes quite pitiful as she begs.

8. The emperor ignores the crime of the figurine out of respect to her parents but enforces DH's sentence of being a guard.

--I think it is great they had FJ there as a foil; she doggedly pursues DH but she never did anything as crazy as Si Jin--I also think DH only involved himself bc FJ was there. recall that during the way 70000 years ago with Moyuan leading the way he did not involve himself to save the world. But he involved himself in this much less important incident. That is significant.

9.The emperor orders the wedding date to be moved up. YH's mother essentially expresses empathy for all YH has suffered and appears to be 100% behind his wedding. He makes it clear that BQ is still his number 1 i.e. soul mate.

10.FJ and DH are the last to leave. He refuses to answer her question of 'If you hadn't removed your name from the rock, would you have maried me'. She says she will keep following him if he doesn't answer. he tells her to keep following. So she is going to be his...devoted follower? I guess it is ideal for him because she won't marry anyone else if she is following him.

11.YH goes to see BQ

12.Li Jing seems to be preparing for war, as half his army has rebelled. These are the ones who believe that they have suffered injustice and dishonor by bowing their heads to the celestial tribe. They are awaiting the return of the previous lord and want Li Jing to abdicate. I got to say, I have a lot of respect for this Li Jing, who everyone, including YH, have written off as 'useless and disappointing'. His only goal was to maintain peace in the realm, and he did his best to make that happen, swallowing his pride and bowing his head again and again.

13.Li Jing is prepared to use his blood to summon his father's spirit, I imagine in a bid to kill him before he kills his children.

14.It is unfortunate that Su Jin is here to guard she seems the type to help the evil guy escape for revenge. She can see a little because the emperor gave her the eyes from a special fish. But it isn't great vision. I can't say I pity her because you reap what you sow. But I can empathize with the pain of having done your hardest (in her case she did try her best, using every underhanded method) and still failing. Even worse, in her case, she has alienated everyone who loved her. But she gambled big and lost big. I guess that's how you know she was really in love, however selfish it was.

15. BQ is drowning her sorrow in wine. I am surprised. I did not expect it to fit with her character to be so effected by this. She says she never wants to see YH again. But when you think about it, if someone (even if it was to protect me) did what he did i would be super mad

16. YH looks so sad. I can't believe it, after all the trials they went through this is what comes between them?? He asks Migu to pass on the message : that as a mortal he waited so he could marry her (basically; I summarized it)

17. In a rare show of feeling, BQ screams hysterically that no promises count at this point. Relationships are most important to her, so I guess she counts YH's actions as a betrayal. Still, she doesn't know he jumped in after her..... YH waits in the rain, if anything he is one of the most patient people alive. Considering everything he's gone through I think he could stand there forever. I guess this is his penance. (Are phoenix and her brother lovers? They spend all of their time together. Maybe just good friends?)

18. Change scene, FJ is hanging outside of DH's castle for days (just like she said she would). DH seems to be okay with this (why wouldn't he be? the object of his affection is not only chasing him but allows him to be close to her without breaking any rules I think). DH and Si Ming and FJ go to investigate the bell. He tells Si Ming to keep FJ safe no matter what.

19. Change Scene: Li Jing is pouring out a lot of power to summon his father. His father appears in chains.

20. DH and crew show up at the bell. DH has no powers at the moment so he can't see inside the bell. They have to use soul tracking magic; FJ volunteers to help. She flies to the bell (her aunt taught her to do this special magic) and she communicates that it is empty. She double checks just to be sure...

21.We get a dramatic close up of Li Jing and old ghost lords eyes...which are the same...they are father and son yet total opposites...His father accuses him of treachery. Because he is a spirit, he can't attack him.

22. Li Jing calls him out for his crimes, listing them one by one. His father tries to use his role as his father to stop him, and his father points out he used all his blood to summon him. Li Jing is prepared to die together, but his father's weapon can attack him. It is the double crescent halberd--something Li Jing did not expect....

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