Eternal Love Episode 56

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Apr 2, 2017

episode 56 spoilers

*I can't believe it is almost over!*

1.We open to Li Jing coughing up blood as his evil father cuts him with the halberd. Li Jing is in no state to fight, and his father is preparing to kill him. He dramatically points his finger at his son and former soldiers and accuses them of betrayal. Li Jing tries to crawl away and must witness his soldiers dies. He collapses...and dies. His father absorbs Li Jing's power. This can't be good.

2.DH catches FJ , now unconscious from trying to look in the bell(he calls her Jiu'er, an extremely personal name that he used when he was mortal and she was his consort). She passes out. He sends Si Ming to summon both BQ and Mo Yuan. His game plan seems to be to seal the ghost lord again. Little does he know that BQ is raging drunk at this moment.

--I know that the world is about to end...but I can only think about FJ and I hope they don't kill her off!--

3. FJ is coughing up blood and talking about how if they die no one could tear them apart. DH says that as long as he is alive nothing will hurt her (...except for him)(I find this scene backwards but you would have to read pillow book to understand). He tells her to go home, she won't listen. He yells at her and says that if he insists on being with her it will drown the world in war. DH is willing to use his body to pin him down but FJ won't let him, insisting that if he dies she will kill herself. This is enough to make him hesitate.

4.Evil ghost emperor shows up, shoots power, FJ takes a hit for DH (OMG she can't die!!) DH panics and it looks like she is dead or about to die. He makes another shield. All the soldiers make a shield to protect DH while the old earth diety runs into battle. BQ shows up, very sober, and ready to fight. Then YH shows up, imprisons BQ with a random unnamed artifact that we have to see (something that only happens in dramas), and goes to fight the evil guy even though he has hardly any cultivation left (having given most of it to moyuan).

---Si Ming checks on DH but if you pay attention to the shots, DH does not care at ALL about what is going on. Even when BQ asks for his help, he can only concentrate on FJ. ANYONE WHO THINKS HE DOES NOT LOVE HER SHOULD BE CONVERTED BY NOW AS THIS CONTRADICTS HIS 'MY PURPOSE IS TO PROTECT THE UNIVERSE IMAGE ENTIRELY' Ahem. Back to my narration--

5.epic battle ensues--the ghost tribe rebels show up to support the emperor (all ten of them). old man earth deity fights a few before 4th brother shows up and starts kicking ass--even weak YH can block his halberd but i have no idea how he can defeat him.

Funny how it takes dramatic events like this, when life and death is on the line, to put things into perspective for people. Also, this is the most epic battle ever. I think the ghost emperor is going into a demon state; his eyes are red now--

6.Ye Hua is supposed to be more powerful than his twin; maybe he can do what Moyuan could not?

7.It's interesting--ghost emperor can use lightning, a power I thought was exclusive to the celestial tribe--Ye Hua destroys his halberd and hits him with it before both crash to the earth. Ghost lord blames his old injuries from 70000 years ago but admits defeat. BQ embraces ye hua. DH clings to FJ. And then bell opens again??? Apparently ghost lord has connected his life to the bell; when he dies the bell will release crimson fire and destroy everyone. And with that, he dies.

8. In a very familiar scene, Ye Hua is prepared to sacrifice himself. He flies towards the bell, and destroys it. BQ catches his body (this scene looks really familiar). YH tells her not to cry, that his injury isn't serious, before kissing her. He coughs up blood. (This is extremely sad) (so much blood). She asks that he tell her if he is going to die soon. YH tells her to stay with Moyuan, who will take care of her, and that he is a better man. It's kind of sad that YH has to be dying in her arms to prove his love for her. He begs her not to forget him all the while BQ is begging him not to die. She promises to take a potion again if he dies and forget him. He tells her that's a good idea (omg this is so sad also he needs to forgive himself).

9. After a prolonged death sequence (it was a bit long...but very sad) YH appears to die however his body has not disappeared. BQ is sobbing over him.

10.Si Ming is spreading the word to celestial emperor about what has happened. Somewhere a bell tolls. It summons a lot of powerful people, all who seem to know this means bad news. Moyuan knows what has happened because he created the bell. He tells them (grimly) that it is all over.

11. BQ has sealed herself in a protective barrier with YH and is trying to revive him. She seems to be in a daze. FJ, who understands the most how she feels, tries to talk to her, saying that she still has family, and begins to sob and pound on the barrier but not even FJ can get through to her.

12.Mo Yuan arrives and DH explains succinctly that his disciple is overly emotional and cannot be spoken to (really? was he not just clinging to FJ a moment ago and ignoring this entire battle>). Moyuan is able to get through to her.

13. She expects Mo Yuan to have a way to save him but his only advice is to get him a coffin. BQ says she can wait forever for him, but MoYuan says he has breathed his last breath. She argues that she did it once before, she can do it again. Mo Yuan then suggests that she allow him to rest comfortably while waiting. So she decides to take him home.

14. FJ chases after her aunt. How unfortunate. Both fox queens so unlucky in love!

15. We open to a lot of elderly deities bowing outside of the fox den. They are here for YH. Migu explains that BQ is still the queen and the rules of their tribe are to be respected--no one can come in if the queen refuses entry.

16.BQ is doing the same thing as she did for MY--she is feeding him her blood. She doesn't care about anyone, not even her son (she doesn't want to see him because she is busy) i think she has sort of snapped a bit (I don't blame her).

17.Now Si Jin is being blamed for failing to guard the bell (she acted cowardly but no offence I don't think they should have expected much from her). She did indeed refuse to engage in battle. She begs for forgiveness. She is given the worse sentence: she is banished from the celestial heavens and for all of time will never be allowed to enter the celestial realm.

18. The emperor begs DH to lower himself to get his son's body together with his sons. DH is about to say something but instead changes his mind. I think he feels guilt bc he was more concerned about FJ then the battle. YH's mother also decides to go.

20. The most high ranking deities (minus the king) are all going to Quian Quian.

21.FJ is preparing a medicine that phoenix requested. The shield is broken and the celestial princes are there. FJ stares at DH, and DH sort of looks at her without actually seeing her (or maybe he is looking past her? I think he is trying really hard to ignore her because she triggers too many feels in him) but she doesn't do anything outrageous. It is obvious she is fixated on him. I am concerned that DH will ignore her more than ever before because he feels guilt for failing to protect anyone and also, he is kind of viciously cold like that.

(I should be thinking about YH I know, I care about him too...)

22. DH personally insists that the body be returned. BQ flat out refuses. She explains that he has a promise with her, and he cannot leave. His mother blames her, asking what kind of sins YH committed to have to die twice for her. She also explains that she was compensated for Su Jin and cannot understand why she has made her son suffer so. Now BQ learns that YH jumped in after her when she jumped (I feel so bad for her!) . His mother says that he has not had a single peaceful day since meeting her. In her defense...she's suffered as well.

--this begs the question, was it really necessary that moyuan create this friggin bell???)

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Mar 16, 2017

Five Stars

This drama will be the death of me. OMG it can't be more perfect, and sad, and beautiful. I want to watch this characters forever!!

Ten million points for making me cry for the first time because of a romantic love story.

I just watched this episode and I can't manage to be coherent enough to write more than this. One thing I'll say: I'm going to rewatch this as soon as I can.
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