Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 12

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Guk-doo's police team keeps hitting roadblocks while chasing down their suspect. Bong-soon senses something is off from Kyung-shim's text messages. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: April 01, 2017

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May 24, 2017

Finallyy they get togetherrrr :'3


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Episode 12

In this episode Min Min confesses to Bong Bong and that made her realize that she is no longer in love with Gook and that "crushes have a expiry date".

Even thought it was annoying how he was always the one that tells her he needs her and she just stares at him when he confesses to her about his love for her, but it was adorable when she was trying to peek at him.

Alsoooo one of my favoriteeee part of the whole show with them is when they sent each other selfiess on snoww and she sent a selfie video said
"Goodnight MInMin" :'333
andddd he kept replaying it and was so excited it was so adorable I think I broke my hand from slapping the table too hard in excitement and I totallyyy didn't replay it mutiple times :3

link for that scene if you wannaaa see itttttt:

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Apr 21, 2017

Happy couple time! The rest of the episode no-no-no.

Ugh. The reality is that Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has been a mess with the storyline from the start. Somehow it still managed to create a very compelling story.

So first off I'm super happy with Bong Soon and Min Hyeok making it official. They're a couple! Min Min! Ha-ha. I love seeing them getting starry spacey in love with each other. True the heart thing on the beach was tacky, but it was cute. They're too cute!

The rest of this episode was dedicated to stupidity. Firstly why would no one stay with an old victim and make sure she got to her destination. Okay, so the "official" police think that the bad guy is caught. However, the other guys--Gook Du's team--think he's out there. He always goes after his missing brides. Why on earth would they ever let her be unprotected. Bong Soon? Why?

Not to mention almost every action they take with him. It's stupid. I found myself so bore with this episode.

Especially as the male leads keep telling Bong Soon not to do anything and to basically be a simple protected female lead. No. Can't work together to solve this. It also looks like MIn Hyeok will be making her a necklace with a hidden tracking device. WTF.

This is gonna go to a bad place fast for me. At least there's a chance for Min Hyeok and Bong Soon to work together on this.

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Apr 4, 2017

Do Bong Soon <3 Min hyuk

That's my girl.....<3

Finally and officially they sure became a couple...
I was afraid that Bong Soon will act on her own and rush to save gyeung shim, leaving min hyuk out (which would mean that she gets hurt and hurt the others too) but she came to him and did ask for his help in the end of the episode...
and I am like...

***I can't handle this happiness***

That look of Min hyuk,boy, he'll just do anything to ease her worry ^^
My man <3<3<3
Park hyung shik, is there a limit to your cuteness?
I don't think so.
He keeps surprising with each episode.Just getting better and better.^^
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