Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 6

Happy Together

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Not able to trust one another overnight, Bong-soon, Min-hyuk and Guk-doo decide to play games instead, evoking the two men's competitive spirits. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: March 11, 2017

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Mar 14, 2017

One of the best drunken scenes ever, that come hither dance!!!

One of the best drunken scenes ever, that come hither dance!!! Yes, yes!! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon may not be the most brilliant show and a bit all over the place. True. I'm having so much fun though! Sometimes that's all you need.

My gosh! Min Hyeok and Gook Doo getting totally wasted was brilliant. What was more brilliant was Bong Soon's bored expression as she watched them "duke it out" during the games. She was so bored, they wouldn't let her drink, and then she had to carry their wasted butts to the care. Then too the house! The brilliance was followed up by Min Hyeok realizing he got tossed on the floor while Gook Doo is well taken care of. Not to mention them finding out what they did in while drink. Gook Doo's sexy come here dance and then both of them dancing while apparently having some kind of Cinderella fantasy was perfect.

"Wow, she even put a blanket on him. I got tossed on the floor."

What's even better is Bong Soon's mother! (Oh, and it looks like we're meeting granny!) This woman just wants her daughter to sleep with Min Hyeok. Unfortunaely Boon Soon is still totally set on Gook Doo. (Espeically now that she found out his single. ^_- I'm so proud of the girlfriend for not two timing and for coming out so fast that she likes another man.) Her thought that the guy must be ugly to hid his face was hilarious. Oh, and did anyone else notice the vegetables all the old woman had? Tee-hee. Korean penis jokes, so on the sly.

I also loved everyone's fantasies about whom would taking advantage of whom when Min Hyeok, Gook Doo, and Bong Soon all stayed under the same roof. Poor Gook Doo was the victim in two fantasies, while Min Hyeok was more worried about Bong Soon pouncing on Gook Doo. Smart man. Bong Soon playing weak to get Gook Doo to open the jar was priceless. (Oh, and don't you love what Min Hyeok has done to the chopstick?)

So it's 100% confirmed only the women of Bong Soon's family get super powers. I thought so, but I just wanted that confirmation. Also, MIn Hyeok claiming Bong Soon was his girlfriend was so obvious. Still put a smile on my face.

On that note I have grown use to the over extended super strength that Bong Soon has. However, even if she had that strength that car would have rolled, not spun. Ever. I just wish that beyond silly dumb strength the reactions to the strength would be more realistic.

Oh, and now we see the face of the creeper! Is it odd that I really like his fluffy hair? I just want to pet it. The reveal was creepy, but then they did that whole weird breathing thing as he moved into the neck of one of his "brides". This episode was a little too obsessed with vampires. I thought he was gonna break into Count Dracula's (Count von Count) laugh at any moment. 1, 2, brides-wah-wah-wah. (I am unsure how to spell out Count's laugh--google it Ah, ah, ah. Makes sense.)

Overall a very funny episode. With yet another crazy cliffhanger that is YET AGAIN going to be a long wait! I mean really! That's just man. Not only do I have to wait to get more of Granny Bong Soon, but there's a knife to one of my character's throats!

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