Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 7


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Osung Group's shareholders get angry when Min-hyuk fails to show up on time to the meeting to discuss his qualifications as the next company leader. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: March 17, 2017

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Jun 16, 2017

Finally it's starting...

Ever since starting this show I was like "Bong Soon is so in love with Gook Du, how is there ever gonna happen something with Minhyuk?" and I thought to myself, the one thing that is missing in the relationship between Bong Soon and MinHyuk is this one situation where one helps the other in a personal crisis.
Well, this episode we got it. MinHyuk figuring out who in his family betrayed him...can I also just compliment HyungSik, the scene where he listened to his brother on the phone...that was done so beautifully and sad and he really showed exactly what was going on. The feelings!!!

And finally now, we may see some kind of closer relationship between our leads. At least I hope we will ^.^
I'm really enjoying the drama so much. It is like a serious crime and typical Kdrama drama with some romance EXCEPT for the fact that there is a lot of comedy involved. It seems like the drama itself doesn't think it's a serious drama (yet). So much fun and still dramatic!

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Mar 19, 2017

Set her free!!!

Set her free! Ha-ha. I love the talk about her mom not even letting her hold hands with boys, and now basically telling her to hurry up and have sex. Free indeed. Not to mention that her secret is free now! We'll see how Gook Doo and Bong Soon both react. Will she run? Will he totally freak out.

Also, shouldn't the girlfriend have said she already broke things off with Gook Du? Seems a bit odd.

The importance of the blanket and the joke with it was priceless! Though did it rob them of smarts? And how long would a spell like that last? I mean sure you want to have sex, but you still need to go and work.

This show has been a total role reversal, but I like finally seeing Min Hyeok really show of his skill set. It was nice the company threats ended/solved. The end of Min Hyeok's trust in his brother was very obvious, but the scenes still packed a very emotional wallop.

Though my biggest complaint with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is her super strength. If she wouldn't have figured it out at a young age she would have killed someone. How can she go from gently patting and comforting to suddenly totally bullet shooting stones when she's concentrating on being gentle? I get that this is a comedy, but that' just stupid. Ugh. There's laughs and then there's stupid plot holes of stupidity.

The whole bride stealing feels so out of place, especially considering it's such a huge focus point of the show. The cuts to it and the flow of the story seem very tacky. Like the idea and concept where tossed in randomly and they can't figure out how to quite make it fit.

Don't get me wrong I look forward to each episode and this drama really makes me laugh. Its just very odd. I also found out this was written by the same writer as "Marriage, Not Dating". I am up to episode 10 and I can say I think the writer has skills. So I'm wondering if the network tampered with the script because they wanted more?

Either way I'm enjoying it, things just feel oddly cut.

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