Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 8

One Step Closer

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Profilers suggest misogyny motivated the recent crimes. Bong-soon decides to put her dream of developing games second to catching the culprit. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: March 18, 2017

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Mar 19, 2017

Protect your walnuts. Bong Soon is coming.

Wow, I'm glad Bong Soon stood up to her mom. However, I think her mom could seriously get arrested for spouse abuse. That's scary, and to me not funny at all!

So I guess Bong Soon has finally learned to control her powers. So when Gook Du got tossed it was only moderate strength. He didn't seem too shocked, though his backside hurt. I'm wondering if he already knows she has super strength or not? With both guys running to her rescue at the end of this episode I can only hope that all will be revealed.

Random things I enjoyed was the background war Bong Soon and Min Hyeok had. Along with Bong Soon saying "How dare you bother my kinds." She's enjoying be gang leader a bit too much. ^_-

Again I feel like the plot and story is all over the place. Bringing in a marriage contract thing, addressing the worries and hate crimes against women through the kidnappings, and so on. This episode didn't feel quite as choppy as the last one, but it's still there.

I do truly like the humor and crazy use of the OST for this drama. But no matter how entertained I am it's flawed. I know a lot of people think I hate it due to the rating. Nope I hate it when it 1 to 3, I have a different rating scale then others. *shrugs* Overall I love the antics and I'm accepting Strong Woman Do Bong Soon for what it is.

Oh, and I love how she crushed those walnuts and the gang leader is all like "I must protect my walnuts" with his hands.

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