Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 9

Love of Life

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Both Min-hyuk and Guk-doo arrive at the fight scene just before one of Baek Tak's men starts running toward Bong-soon with a dagger in hand. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: March 24, 2017

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Apr 1, 2017

Min hyuk....<3<<3<3 Hyung…

Min hyuk....<3<<3<3
Hyung shik, seriously, can he get any cuter than this???
Late comer Gook Do... I'm sorry man, I'm not gonna ship you with the girl.
Bong Soon and Min hyuk, they deserve each other.
Even though bong soon's mom is eccentric, she is so funny, I really liked how he treated our wounded CEO in this episode.You know, like he is her son-in-law..^^
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Mar 31, 2017



Gook Du has a point. Their timing is always off. With that hospital anticipation kiss between Bong Soon and Min Hyeok I'd have to agree. Wow. Wasted timing. ;_; For both guys. However, sadly I have to go with team Min Hyeok this round. (Some day I'll watch a drama in which Ji Soo gets to get the girl darn it!)

If you think about it the bad guy is kind of handsome. I mean he dressed up suave and fooled everyone. Not to mention his lips are something else. He keeps getting craftier and more high tech as the show goes on. It's incredible.

I love how excited the cops were for the stakeout! Though I wonder who is getting pinned with the murders?

Again Bong Soon's mom stills the show! She's all like: I've put so many people in the hospital I know how to take care of them. It's also sad to see how cold Min Hyeok's family treats him. That's why Bong Soon's family is the perfect fit for him.

Side note I love the puppy noises in this episode. Oh, and why would Gook Du go in alone? Let alone not go when he could totally snoop it out?

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