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Both are mysteries, both female leads have a strong personality and both rom coms. The chemistry of the main characters is also brilliant.
Recommended by Kathleen
The female leads in both the dramas are weirdos .

The male leads of the both the dramas are prosecutors . They act tough in front of everyone but are actually dorks .

The male & female leads of both the dramas meet each other through a fate .

Both have a lots of comedy but deal with serious cases at the same time .
Recommended by SanjuktaRay
From the same writer, the balance of romance/comedy and thriller is really good. And the criminals are very interesting in both of those dramas.
Recommended by ErisFerris3
Both show's are law based mystery/crime shows. There is a large focus on the love story in both, though I feel like in Suspicious Partner, it was more lovey-dovey while Lawless Attorney was more direct with the over-all plot line. One is focused on revenge, while the other is focused more on clearing ones name. Though both male leads have a back story drawing them into law and connecting them with the female on a march larger scale then initially thought. The females are both great independently without their male counterparts, but the chemistry is really nice as well.
Recommended by Ashlynn
Both dramas have a male lead who was a prosecutor but left and became an attorney. Suits has more bromance while suspicious partner has more romance.
Recommended by clandestine00
Both are thrillers and have mystery.
In both a person will be wrongfully accused.
The main couples are both cute and have good chemistry.
They both have a dash of comedy but have serious scenes as well.
Recommended by Asing
They both talk about a mistaken murder suspect and law. Suspicious Partner is not as serious as Remember and SP is more entertaining but Remember is thrilling and intense to watch, in my opinion.
Recommended by Ruyi
Even though both dramas contain different characters and different storylines, I find that the romance between them give off a similar vibe, as well as the main leads.
Recommended by chloe
While Suspicious Partner is much more romance driven, I felt that the atmospheres of the two dramas are very similar. They both balanced a lighthearted feel with the action/crime side of things.
I also felt like the way the main MC's in both dramas started out kinda rocky and then they began to respect and care for each other through their line of work.
Recommended by Soula
Strong female lead, the romance setting is quite the same - surrounded by working in the law field. I just get the same vibe from these two shows.
Recommended by hardpliers
- Both have a serial killer on the loose that takes an interest in the main male lead.

- Both are set in the world of crime.

- Both possess the genres of romance and comedy (and are clearly showing it).

- Both have a romance where the main male lead is above the main girl (careerwise) --> In Suspicious partner she's his employee and in Love me if you dare she's his secretary/assistant.

- Both male leads have an interesting personality and are smart.

- Both male leads have high positions (careerwise).

- Both excel in their field of work (one as a profiler and one as a prosecutor/lawyer).

- Both male leads have experienced trauma in their past and are still suffering from it in the present.

- Both female leads have an interesting personality and are also smart.

- Both deeply engages in a complicated investigation of the serial killer that goes beyond a few episodes.

- Both have complex characters with their own internal battles.

- Both have multiple cases, regarding criminal investigations that have nothing to do with the serial killer but are separate cases.

- One is set in the world of the police while the other is set in the world of lawyers.

- One is produced in China while the other in South Korea.

- Suspicious Partner has 40 episodes while Love me if you dare only has 24 episodes.
Recommended by HealerDoge
they are both romantic comedies in the law and thriller genre revolving around the protagonist trying to solve a case related to something in their past. While both the female leads are very stubborn and proud as well as clumsy and kind of impulsive the male leads also resemble each other in being strong-willed, stubborn, puppy - like and very handsome.

I thought both of these dramas were very enjoyable and I think you will be satisfied with the amount of romance and cliffhangers. Although "I hear your voice" also lies under the supernatural genre and has a stronger love triangle, they were both equally worth watching and definitely made it to my top 10.
Recommended by RandomShell
I don't know why I feel like I should recommend this buy I don't know, watching this drama reminded me of My Amazing Boyfriend. Maybe it's because of the suspicions that arise in both these dramas.
Recommended by EmpyreanConqueror
These two dramas have completely different plot. One talks about a man who can see the future and two girls have the same name while the other about low and solving some mysteries. On the other hand, the romance, the ost and the comedy parts of these two have the same vibs. The main leads have so much chemistry even in the bts. There's some similarities too, like the man lead didn't have so great past , then the female lead came and turned his life upside down. I think if you love one of them you will enjoy the other .
Recommended by Banada6