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These two dramas are written by the same team so there are quite a few similarities:

Slice of life rom-coms with a similar feel
Characters - two male love interests older lone tsundere who has had a career change for some reason and a younger kind love interest with a team of friends,weird/lazy boss, a funny co-worker, and an outspoken best friend
Comedic elements - running jokes assorted forms of humor

Differences: setting/careers and interests are different - in Drinking Solo they are Teachers interested in Drinking and in A Poem a Day they are medical therapists interested in Poetry.
Recommended by Sian
It's a medical drama where the focus is not on the medicine, and has a lot of romance in it. The main characters know each other before they start working in the hospital, and there is a misunderstanding between them that made them hate each other.
Recommended by Moka
- The love/hate, push pull kind of relationship
- almost childlike male lead who gets jealous when the FL is dating someone
- Really good secondary characters that also get sufficient screen time
- You can watch both over and over again
- Little romantic tidbits and lots of comedy
Recommended by anushka
they are both tell something realistic and heartwarming. if you are struggling with your job/career, then this drama will be perfect for you
Recommended by kim se young
- Both are very poetic
- Feel-good and refreshing dramas
- Boss/Employee Relationship + Poor Female Lead
- Might potentially give you second lead syndrome!
Recommended by andz

- Ex- one sided crush: Girl likes guy, he rejects her. They meet again years later, she's over him but... WIll the guy develop feelings for her now?
- Workplace romance
- Love triangle

Recommended by M Ginny
- Medical drama where the focus is not on the medicine
- romance <3
- a variety of characters that the story revolves around
Recommended by anushka