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Both series gave similar feel like "I want to watch more of this". Just loved it :) The relationship between the two takes time to accept.
Recommended by pushis33
Both deal about friends who realize they feel more than friendship for the other person. Both deal about the nearly same story, so if you like one of them you are bound to like the other as well
Recommended by Lou
The overly used drama or movie trope but still manages to capture our hearts:

"Bestfriends turning into lovers"

Will get you frustrated sometimes on why they have to deny their feelings for so long, but then again, you will understand that, they do not want to ruin the special friendship that they have. But will finally realize that it is worth to cross the line and go on and follow their hearts. In the end, love wins for everyone.
Recommended by pinkvanilla
In both drams the female leads are interpreters. 'You drive me crazy' shows the practical problems of an interpreter like interpreter could not even eat during a job and is more inclined towards romance.
Recommended by usna
Both are short and light dramas about a boy and a girl who are friends and have known each other for years, and who are comfortable moving in with each other when they need a place to stay. In both dramas the FL has recently broken up with her boyfriend, and in both dramas the ML is good at looking after and cheering up the FL in his own way. In both dramas the leads try to ignore / deny their growing feelings for each other.
Recommended by AH
Both are dramas about friends who have known each other for years and are very comfortable with each other, but who have been dating other people and are really bad at recognizing, accepting, and being open about their feelings.
Recommended by AH
Both are about best friends who have known each other for years who can be themselves around each other. They know each other well, but they're bad at recognizing their own feelings and deny them out of fear of losing the other person.
Recommended by AH
Both involve plots about sleeping with their friend after drinking. They try to move forward without damaging their friendship in both cases. Kiss the series is about college mates while You drive me crazy is more about adult relationship.
Recommended by usna