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Both are Gender-Benders. Girl fights for acceptance and falls in love. Coffee Prince has common life theme, while You're Beautiful has a idol romance theme.
Recommended by yakshraj
although the genre and the main story feels completely different, the feel of both the shows are very very similar. A boss and a worker love, the whole working group as a gang and friends concept, there's so much comedy in both yet si much cuteness too. Both are refreshingly swoon worthy and both shows are a visual treat to the eyes in terms of the cast!!
Recommended by -executedtoperfection-
Happy Michelin Kitchen is the Taiwanese remake of Coffee Prince.
Recommended by mcllin
A (not necessarily that she intentionally pretends) to be a guy and works at a coffee shop.
Recommended by Sapaieo
Both have a female pretending to be a male. The main difference is the reason why she is disguising herself. There is a love connection, super confused guy trying to figure out if and how he could be attracted to another guy when he thought he was straight and working his way through that. This drama also has a bit more adult humor and romantic scenes so it's almost like Hana Kimi is the kids version (an awesome kids version might I add) and Coffee Prince is the teenage version.
Recommended by Wolfie689
While Sam Soon doesn't involve a girl pretending to be guy, they both share a down to earth feel and a similar tone in story telling. Perhaps it's because they are both older dramas. Also, both series have an amazing cast of actors.
Recommended by Danni
The girl who looks like a boy, and a guy who thinks he's in love with male :D
Recommended by Klaudia
Secret Garden is about a stuck up rich guy meeting a poor girl who is not very girly and inexplicably falling for her. Coffee Prince brings the same feeling of funny and romance with an easier going hot hot hot male lead and an easier going girl who looks like a guy. In Secret Garden they switch bodies but in Coffee prince there is a gender mix but it is ENCHANTING!!!
Recommended by Onyx
It touches the heart and makes you just laugh and cry with them. It reminds me of the very good old dramas! and It is absolutely the funniest drama I have watched so far.
Recommended by Curly
In Coffee Prince, the male lead helplessly falls in love with the female lead despite thinking she's a guy. Conflicting feelings ensue and it makes us love him even more. In I'm not a robot, the male lead helplessly falls in love with the female lead despite knowing her as a robot and faces a similar dilemma.
Recommended by palak
These two series have lot of parallels.
Gender-bender, straight guy falls for a girl he thinks is a guy, coffee, sworn-brothers, love triangle.
Recommended by Jedida Krogh
looks like a remake to me the same story of a rich guy going on his own and opining a shop and a tomboy who pretends to be a boy to get a job at the shop. and they fall in love but the guy doesn't realize she is a girl.
Recommended by Dara_lovely
I personally enjoyed To The Beautiful You more, buttttt the gender-bender is present in both dramas. Settings are different, but the atmospheres are very similar. Both dramas also have comedy and romance surrounding said gender-bender. Both main female MC's behave similarly.
Recommended by Soula
Both are dramas about a girl who, due to unforeseen circumstances, has to disguise herself as a male and work in a completely-male environment. In the beginning of both dramas, the girl isn’t trying to pass as a boy, but is always mistaken as one and only purposely disguises herself once she has a debt to her boss. Both dramas have a hardworking, down-to-earth girl who tries to earn money to keep her family fed and out of debt.
Recommended by Belen Worsham
... from the same writer. Both of them have unique atmosphere and characters.
Recommended by BPetra