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Despite them being opposite they are both similar, in the light in your eyes the main character’s appearance changes from a 25 year old woman to an elderly woman, In Sumika Sumire she turns from a 65 year old woman into a girl in her early 20’s they are both very similar in the aspect of fantasy and Romance, both have elements of time travel
Recommended by misu
This movie is similar to this drama in transformating in another age.
In Chinese movie is old granny transformed to her 20 yo and in Korean drama is young woman suddenly old.
Recommended by BeaNeath
Both dramas are fantasy genres about characters who have ability to manipulate with time. ............
Recommended by BeaNeath
Both dramas are romance, fantasy, supernatural genre about characters who have ability to manipulate with time.
Recommended by BeaNeath
Maaaybe not at first glance, but by episode 12 of The Light In Your Eyes, you’ll see the similarities. If I explain further, I’ll be at the risk of spoiling both.
Recommended by LoveMeMember
-Both dramas tell heartwarming stories about the elderly.
-Both are relatively easy, lighthearted watches with substance that will make you think about the important things in life.
-Also Kim Hye Ja is wonderful in both of them.
Recommended by teneliza
Dai renai touches on the Alzheimer's Disease topic as well though it explores more on the young onset reality
Recommended by jschoco
- both have the similar topic of Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects relationships both are very eye opening and have a warm but sad message
Recommended by misu
Beautiful friendships, strong females, and thought-provoking scenarios. Also, both are slice-of-life genre.
Recommended by EllieBerry
The focus relationship is between a young people and older people. They both have a similar dark reality concept that really makes you feel for the characters.
Recommended by noona