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the main females like the male main and slowly change his heart.
Joe Cheng is the main lead for both dramas.
Xia Ya and Danson were in Summer x Summer and ISWAK2.
Recommended by MyDBSJ
it has very sweet romantic moments but also some sad moments. The man is very cool towards the girl. The girl Mi Young is very clumsy and not smart nor beautiful. But she falls in love with the CEO Lee Gun. In the beginning she has to marry this man because of an accident she becomes pregnant of him. It's also very funny. The series gives a similar feeling as It Started with a Kiss.

If you're looking for a different story with a similar feeling and great chemistry between the actor and actress. Then go for this Korean Drama!!!
Recommended by Sae
Both dramas have an arrogant and rich boy and a poor girl whose is not smart nor beautiful. The difference is that the main characters hate each other in the beginning. Later their hate changes into love for each other. It's very sweet and it's the feeling of someone's first love. Although there are not so many romantic moments. It's still one of the best old Korean dramas with two very good actors. They both share a great chemistry.

If you're in for great chemistry and a cute couple then go for this one!!!
Recommended by Sae
I recommend pretty much all adaptations of Itazura na kiss. The personalities of the leads and some elements of the plot are very similar.
Recommended by MiraiArtx
They both have Joe Cheng as the main lead.

Both of his characters are a little bit similar, but he is good at it.

Both are in cohabitation dramas and a rom-com.
Recommended by hiphop123
The original Taiwanese version filmed a decade ago with Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin as the leads
Recommended by sharreb
Both have great romance between an arrogant handsome rich guy and poor girl. Both have funny moments and times that make you angry or cry. The sequel They Kiss Once Again is also awesome and addictive.
Recommended by pattyrn4
Females leads have trouble studying but tries their best to rank well. They're both very energetic, doesn't care what others think of them.

Males leads are very smart and tutors the female lead. They are popular among the peers and teachers because of how intelligent they are.
Recommended by Hyukfied
The Mom's in these are very similar. Both seem way to excited about getting their son together with a girl that most rich drama mom's would be trying to pay to stay away. Has some similarly corny characters and overacting. Her childhood friend, who is always around to have her back, is very similar to the second lead. there is also kind of a class A class B rivalry. The only real difference is that the leading lady, in Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me, is not head over heels for the leading man. It also appears to me that he likes her first..
Both are fluffy, fun, and adorable.
Note: I watched Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me, right here on MyDramaList !!!
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
The OTPs are living under one roof they come to understand & fall for each other
Recommended by hiphop123
Similar concepts of living together with genius male lead and carefree female lead. Both slice of life dramas set in school, with sweet romance. It Started With a Kiss is the classic retelling of manga Mischievous Kiss and has a similar story to Attention Love regarding the relationship between the two leads. If you enjoy Attention Love you will definitely enjoy It Started With a Kiss and it's sequel They Kiss Again.
Recommended by D6ydream
The storyline almost the same because both of this drama and movie was adapted from manga called "Itazura Na Kiss". Jiang zhi shu and yuan xiang xin in this drama have more chemistry and their chemistry is one of the best in Asian Drama. Then, in this drama Jiang Zhi Shu show more humanity and warm toward xiang xin. If u want to see more details about their relationship, go watch this drama!!! It worth ur timeee. And this drama is part 1. If u want to watch their continution about their life after get married, then watch "They Kiss Again".
Recommended by airenLMH
Debido a que al principio se llevaban mal y despues no , tipico de los dramas escolares , juvenil y divertido a la vez
Recommended by Valentina Ponce Sepulveda
Debido a que al principio se llevaban mal y despues no , tipico de los dramas escolares , juvenil y divertido a la vez
Recommended by Valentina Ponce Sepulveda