It Started with a Kiss



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taiwanese version~~

it's the same history with little changes. i think it's more funny too haha~~
Recommended by blingkyu
ISWAK is a legend for this kind of genre.
School and one-sided love chase of a girl to a boy who is out of her league.
But as they say...opposite attracts!
Recommended by asian-goong
This is the original Taiwanese version. There's more back story and there's a second part!
Recommended by LizzyRayDrama
Similar both series the main leads end up living together because of some circumstances ; one of them can't stand the other one; both series start with "a letter of love", both girls are naive when it comes to love, etc.
Recommended by claudya87
The main couple end up under the same roof. Both of the main leads have great chemistry. It is light, cute & sweet.
Recommended by hiphop123
This is by far, definitely the best version, and majority agreed. It also follows very closely and stays true to the original Japanese manga.
Recommended by Fean
It was my first Taiwanese drama that i ever watched after being hooked on J-dramas, It was the best drama! XD. i watch this twice a year since it aired and i still laugh and cry as if i am watching it for the first time.
Recommended by SHINeeShawol711
they're based on the same manga "itazura no kiss".
same plot,
same story,
same characteres,
but different language.
Recommended by yetitine
Naive and not so smart girl tries to make the boy she likes fall for her.
Recommended by claudya87
Ariel lin and Joe Cheng have in both dramas the Main role.
Recommended by Yuna
The Lead male is popular and genius, and very cold at first until he started to like the girl. The girl likes the male lead very much (his long time crush). They also live together and student of the same school.
Recommended by k-mommy
In Time With You is yet another Taiwanese Drama you really don't want to let go. It may be slow paced at times but yet there is indeed sweetness there. :D
Recommended by SaiyanIslam
The feel of the drama very fresh and happy as I said in my review. There is passionate acting, great sets, good music, and an entertaining storyline. They Kiss Again, the sequel, is also a great continuation. Good morals too. The story itself is not similar but if you're looking for a similar feel, check it out. ;)
Recommended by pinkafterglow
They are both based of the same manga Itazura Na Kiss. Each version has it's own personal touch.
Recommended by missthing74
They both have Joe Cheng as a lead.
Recommended by Szasha