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Park Soo Ha takes his Police Academy Entrance Exam, but just as things seem to be looking up for our OTP, he gets summoned for attempted murder from a year ago’s stabbing incident. Min Joon Kook promises to reveal everything under the condition that Cha Kwan Woo accepts to be his lawyer in court once again.

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Dec 22, 2015


One of the best ends in dramas I've seen :)
I always thought she'll end up with lawyer Cha. First I thought that she simply dowsn't love Soo Ha then I thought she won't be able to accept that his father 'started all this' and then I thought Soo Ha will die. Haha and when he fell down with the killer I paused and screamed 'I KNEW IT' but then they were safed and I was like 'OOH MYY GOOD! THANK YOU!!' So what I assumed from the cover didn't happen and that's one of the point why I love the end. The other is that the criminal changed and admited his wrong doings.
And I feel like layer cha and Seo Do Yeon will end up together eventually ^^

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Jun 25, 2015


That's right, a drama ending that's solid. Considering how amazing the whole experience has been with I Hear Your Voice that's not too surprising. Yes, I was nervous where the drama was going to leave off. How could it wrap up that cliffhanger from the last episode in just one go? Well again I've been shown that I should not doubt the team behind this drama.

In the end I loved how I was able to see every characters point of view. More importantly their growth. This episode ties everything up. It's not a rushed ending, or open ending. Fans will be happy.

It moved me. My heart was warm and happy by the end. Thank you.
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Jun 19, 2015

Best Serie !!

I just can say that I really love this serie !!! And I would watch it anytime again :-) It's really sad that I'm already done with it :-(( I want to see more :-(
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Nov 12, 2013

.. and they lived happily ever after <3

This was a super good ending and I agree with everyone on here, but here's something that aroused my attention: I think it was a very good move to show Dae Seok and Dae Seok as the "same". Soo Ha was telling his story with all the people who made him the way he was and then he starts talking about Joong GOok who was a murderer who wasn't able to see his wrondoings and even though he finally realized that he was doing a lot of atrocities he couldn't admit his faults and continued on the wrong path. Which is practically the same as what Dae Seok did (without the killing). Ah, this person is so infuriating -.-

ah, one more thing .. you could see Soo Ha as a police man at the very end .. kekeke ^-^

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Oct 1, 2013

An ending that does make sense

I also liked how the main characters weren't portayed as supermen/women but as humans with their own weaknesses.

I can't remember whom (maybe SH himself), in the last episode or something like that, told that Soo Ha could have became a murderer if it weren't for Lawyer Jang's love.
And in my opinion, that's quite true depite Soo Ha being an amazing person.

It can be "plagiarism" of a famous japanese author but, no matter how hard we try to distance ourselves from the various criminals we see on tv or in the newspapers, it can be interesting to pause for a minute or two and realize that in fact, we almost constantly flirt with the limits of no return and that it isn't that absurd to imagine ourselves becoming a criminal for whichever reason.

Sorry for this long and out of subject review and thank you for reading it ;)

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Sep 18, 2013

I can't stress how good this episode was.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED how Park Soo Ha and Lawyer Cha respected, and even ended up liking each other throughout this drama. Very rarely in dramas, do you see the main male leads working together, even when they want the same girl. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

As for Goon Jook, I still think he deserves death. Sure, perhaps he was somewhat justified in killing Park Soo Ha's dad (PERHAPS), but the old woman who sold fruit? Park Soo Ha? Lawyer Jang's mom? All of these are not people he had any possible right to lay a finger on. I think he deserved death, even if Lawyer Jang and Park Soo Ha didn't care about him getting it.

I LOVED the scene where Seong bin and Choon Gi are in the bookstore, and he's trying to make her feel better by calling her ugly. Cracked me up so much , I literally started cackling like a madman. Glad Soo Ha made it clear to her. He should've done it earlier. I was actually hoping he'd talk up Choon Gi to her.

Overall, a very great ending to a pretty great drama (though I felt like it dragged on in the middle.)

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Aug 19, 2013

And sadly, every good thing has an end

I will miss this drama, and its characters, and its story and its music. I'm too lazy to make a whole review, so I'll just talk here about the ending. Park Soo Ha is my hero, because he stays true to himself, and doesn't want to hide the truth. The ending was well-made, and I'm glad all ended well in the end (I was so scared it'd turn into some melodrama), so yeah it's good, and the romance makes me dream!! Seriously, their love story is really the best thing ever, the most beautiful.
Perfection all along! What am I going to do now that it's over, I wonder... ^^
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Aug 3, 2013

It was simply beautiful made till the end...

I will miss watching them... It was AMAZING and I enjoyed every episode... There are some dramas that I liked at first, and then they turned out to be so boringgg, but this kept me watching with my eyes wide open, there is nothing that I don't like about them... the best :)
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Aug 2, 2013

Nice ending. :)

That was a really nice ending. Okay, I hated the fuss they made about Soo Ha accidentally stabbing Hye Seung and was really frustrated when he didn't want to lie about it - But after all, it seemed really in character and since everything went well in the end, I don't care anymore.

I'm sooo glad everyone got their happy end. I'm also glad Min Joon Gook got a life instead of a death sentence. I mean, he tried to kill himself so he obviously wanted to die, why fulfill his wish? Being punished for the rest of his life is way more fitting. Even though I pitied him sometimes.. He was a great antihero. :)

Also I loved Seong Bin. Too bad she didn't actually get together with Choong Ki on screen, they are perfect together. Such chemistry!

And Do Yeon and her father.. they had so little time together. Everytime I think about how he could have had 26 years more of his life I want to cry. It's so unfair. I didn't even feel really bad for her adoptive father who's all alone now. He made lots of mistakes.

Anyway, facit is that this was an awesome drama. I'm just not sure whether to rate it 10 or 9. But I think 10 will be more fitting. ;)

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Aug 2, 2013

I am crying

Love this episode. The end was happy and sweet.
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Aug 2, 2013

Loved the drama, ending was okay.

I absolutely adored this drama. It was funny, sad, made me feel all these feelings I never knew I had. It convinced me to love Doyeon and to pity Min Joon Gook. I think I had high expectations for the ending.

But honestly, despite all the cuteness, it wasn't that great. Most of it felt like a filler to me. They built up all this tension with Soo Ha being summoned for attempted murder and then it passes just like that.

I expected much more but I still loved the drama as a whole.
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Aug 2, 2013

Hell yeah, deliriously happy!

I'm ecstatic--full to the brim, clapping my hands and smiling like crazy that my daughter is complaining about it. :P

And right when the mood gets perfectly romantic, the laptop dies on me. Sweet Lord, what great timing! XD

Wrapped up neatly. :) Don't you just wish for a second season for new cases, and where Soo Ha is already a policeman and Hye Seong is still insecure?
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Aug 2, 2013

The cutest till the end *.*

Wow gotta say, I was a little skeptic about the episodes extension, but now that is over I want more!!! It was an amazing drama, the best one this year until now, with no doubt!! This ending was just too cute, too sweet, but still truthful and real. I little sad that Min Jook didn't die (I know, I'm horrible that way) but I think life in prison is almost just as good, I'm happy that the couple is happy, and that for once I didn't feel bad for the second male lead, all because the way Soo Ha handled the situation . Loved how the ending reminded me from the beginning, when lawyer Jjang was at the job interview... Soo Ha did cheat a little with his powers ksaoksoa ;P I already miss this, probably won't take much time until I re-watch the whole thing. One last thing I gotta take all of my chest, Soo Ha looking hot in your uniform, too bad we only got to see that for a couple seconds skaoskoa >.<

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Aug 2, 2013

This is a very decent ending

And they lived happily ever after....

LOL Really, that about sums up this episode.
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Aug 1, 2013

Amazing one in a while

I was happy with how it ended. I am going to miss this drama :). It is one of the best one I have ever seen! Everything about this drama was great. I did feel sorry for Min Jin Gook, but he deserved life in prison.
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Aug 1, 2013

Don't miss the series!

The best, cute and smooth ending to a good drama series. I wish it didn't end but I don't think I want it to extend and destroy the perfect ending.
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Aug 1, 2013


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Aug 1, 2013



The ending was amazing and just beautiful! I LIKE A HAPPY ENDING!


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