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You Who Came from the Stars Episode 17

The Seventeenth Record

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Hee Kyung won't stop until he finds his sister-in-law and uncovers his brother's dark secret. Song Yi and Min Joon can't deal with the fact that he'll need to leave in a month.
  • Aired: February 13, 2014

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Nov 21, 2016

Hui Kyung, maybe the better guy.

Hui Kyung may really be the better guy! Look at all this grunt work he's doing. Heck, he's doing more--and a better job of it--to protect Song Yi than Min Joon did. Once he got the right info! He even enlisted Min Joon to help him with his brilliant plan!

Working it!

That said there were some cute scenes with Song Yi and Min Joon. Boy are they yo-yoing, it's a bit tiring. I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to be or due to the script having to be lengthened.

What really bothers me is that Song Yi doesn't really wait to listen to Min Joon's answer for why he can't leave. Then Min Joon doesn't try to tell her the truth. I hate plots that evelove around characters not revealing information. It just seems ridicuoulous. "I don't want to leave you, but I'll day if I don't." That's good.

Okay so I have theories. Min Joon didn't pass out when Song Yi kissed him this time. So I'm thinking that maybe when his alien powers/life force fade he becomes a normal human. That way he can be with her and they both grow old. Huh? I think that's good! Of course than my theory about the 100 day anniversary is out. But I do like to theorize how it will end.

Either way I hope it's happy and that things are picking up a bit more.

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Feb 26, 2014

Wow that went far!!

Well I have to admit, a blackout on the whole city was really awesome ^^ And then, sleeping in Song Yi's room... Being drunk really is something for Do Min Joon ^^

Then the cameo with Suzy was so adorable ^^

Basically cuteness overload :D
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Feb 21, 2014

shit just got real

Uh-oh, this episode was so intense. I wonder what Jae Kyung will do now that he knows (or at least guesses) that Hui Kyung knows a bit about his story or suspects him of being a murderer. After all little brother shouldn't have known anything about his ex, right?

But can someone tell me, what Do Min Joon's problem is? Why can't he just TALK with Song Yi and tell her the whole truth? She definitely would prefer him leaving but living instead of staying and dying. In both cases he wouldn't be able to stay by her side. So I think that she'd prefer him alive even if he were to be far far away.

Oooh, and I also think that it was mean that Go Hye Mi referred to Song Sam Dong as her ex-boyfriend (they were my OTP), haha ^^
But I found this scene rather cute :D

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Feb 18, 2014

Praise a happy Story for them .

This story makes me dream , burst a tear and Laugh .. oh , Min Joon - sshi .. take a good care of noona and do not cry anymore , Okay ? Fighting , Kim soo Hyun .. can't wait everyday Your story :D
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Jang Hyuk
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Feb 17, 2014

Wow So Intense...I'm Leaving...I'm Staying!

Great episode...happy one moment then boom I'm leaving soon...they fight...they argue...they compromise...they're together...they look so good together...sticking to him like glue but at what cost?

Mr.Baddie on the other hand...is doing his stuff. Did he get rid of his older brother too?
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Feb 16, 2014

The Plot Thickens......with humor!

The love story is starting to grow with the related challenges....Do Min Joon's time is growing shorter and Song Yi is going insane with the impact on her heart. She has a good sense of humor and is using it to manage a very strong streak of jealousy that suddenly strikes her.

Do Min Joon is my favorite in this series. Something about this young man is sexy, sensitive, and funny. He somehow manages to get me excited with that smoldering look of his, then will laugh about something Song Yi did and I want to laugh with him, then someone causes him pain and he cries....I feel his pain and cry with him.

How does he do that?
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Feb 14, 2014


Hahah,this episode was funny :D Min Joo is soo cute when he's drunk :D
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Feb 13, 2014

Min Joon needs to get drunk more often. . . maybe. . .

This drama makes me have so many feels. This was so romantic & at the same time hilarious. Min Joon getting drunk was so funny! Song Yi' s kiss was cute. Kim Soo Hyun rocked this episode! Hwi-kyung is about to put the puzzle together about who his brother is. . . I'm excited! Can't wait for the next episode.
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