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First of all, both star either Lee Seung Gi or Lee Min Ho, who would past that up?

Second, both consist of action (City Hunter has more action), and the acting between the two leads are very similar.

They both have very cold demeanors, but of course have a vulnerable side as well. I love both romances within the dramas, although the female lead in You're All Surrounded might have been more similar. It's difficult to explain, but if you liked this. YOU WILL LOVE CITY HUNTER. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN CITY HUNTER. SHAME ON YOU!

Recommended by mylilownaznworld
They both have romance, criminal, and the comedy. Even though LMIYD is about a criminal psychological analyst and YAS is just about some polices, I believe they have the same vibe and the same tension.
Recommended by hollywillow
Both dramas deal with the law. Pride and Prejudice focuses on the prosecutors whereas You're All Surrounded focuses on the detectives. In both dramas the OTP has history involving a crime in the past.
Recommended by APenguinInMyNextLife
They have a lot of similar elements :) The story lines are not very similar but I got a similar vibe from both :) The girl who sees scents was a fantasy drama and You're all surrounded was more action, but they will similar because both dramas have the main character who decided to become a police/detective because someone from their family was murdered. Both have the cutest main leads who work together to solve the murder mystery :)
Recommended by Afsii
Crimes, mysteries, with leading couple getting close from 'we know each other' to 'we're couple'. Both dramas are quite funny and entertaining.
Recommended by Klaudia
A team of detectives solve crimes, has its comedic moments; there's a continuous mystery running throughout, revolving around the male leads family and has a touch of romance.
Recommended by Poppy
Both dramas tells a story about a police team. In both dramas the male lead has a trauma. In both dramas there is a character who lost their child in an accident. In both dramas they are solving cases that binds together a big case. In both dramas the comedy is very similar and there are some same actors in these dramas.

These are very similar dramas that I recommend everyone should watch.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
In this drama also the main lead is taking revenge for his mother's death and in the process ends up finding love and people who stick with him . Lawless lawyer is a bit more mature and dark but if you liked lawless layer give this a try.
Recommended by anonyous2615
There are some similiar between them

1- Both of them the main characters is beginner in the police.

2- Both of them have a romance.

3- Both of them have some comedy.

But I see (you are all surrounded) better because this drama have mystery and action and more drama
Recommended by NasserBader
Both about new investigation rookies but you're all surrounded in police and LSIT in an insurance company .. Both into the small details
Recommended by mennma
A dectective series also about trying to bring down a grandfather and son (in law) out of power, a lot of past involved to solve the current cases, main lead boy changed name because of family murder cases
Recommended by Seokani
You're All Surrounded is a bit like WATCHER [currently on its 4th ep] due to the themes of:
-Corruption in police,
-Both male leads join a team in order to find out the truth.
{MINOR SPOILER} - Murder of parent [from ep 1]

They're different in the fact You're All Surrounded seems more upbeat in parts and has a balance of romance, comedy and psychological elements whereas so far watcher seems much more focused on action and psychological elements.

So in conclusion if you liked you're all surrounded due to its psychological elements you may enjoy WATCHER.
Recommended by WannaTwo
I think the plots are somewhat similar. The leading men both had childhood traumas and the lading women both had a connection to the trauma. Then both men got jobs later on because of that trauma. I just thought of You're All Surrounded when I started to watch Pinocchio.
Recommended by Pigrabit
i really love this movie. this is awesome, cool, fantastic and you won't regret watching it.. it's all about love, dedication of work, loyalty and friendship...Not aonly the movie also the cast, specially LEE SEUNG GI hyungim, he's cool. all of the cast are perfect, for this movie.......this is also comedy, action and romance.... i will recomend it this movie to everyone.... swear you won't regret watching it...hope you will watch it.........
Recommended by rasheru
Both deal with corruption with higher ups and revealing a big secret/overall theme. Leads are kind of similar with fiery-ness but both dedicated to the cause.
Recommended by _summerliz