by ChaNee, October 11, 2015

Grab a blanket, pull it tight, and let's enjoy a fright night!!!!

The Silenced

Gyeongseong School: Disappeared Girls

Country: South Korea     Year: 2015     Genre: Horror, Mystery 


During the Japanese colonial rule in 1838, Joo Ran/Shizuko (Park Bo Young) is admitted into an all-girl's boarding in Keijo (original name of Seoul, South Korea) by her father and his new wife. Joo Ran is introduced to the rest of the students by the school's principal ( Uhm Ji Won), who seems to have a pleasant and friendly demeanor but hides a dark and dangerous personality. As Joo Ran gets settled, she becomes fast friends with Yeon Deok ( Park So Dam) and as her friendship grows, she begins to notice strange occurrences, such as the last student that mysteriously disappeared was named Shijuko (Go Won Hee). Joo Ran and Yeon Deok will soon uncover the dark secrets the boarding school harbors.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed it BUT it could have been better. It's more mystery and ghost story than horror but it did have small moments of scare. This is one of those movies that is entirely left to the viewers preference of what they considered to be a good movie. For me, I enjoyed the cast and the overall presentation of the movie. The imagery was beautiful especially if you watch it in HD.



Country: Japan     Year: 1999     Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller 


Shigeharu Aoyama (Ishibashi Ryo) is a single parent who lives with his teenage son, Shigehiko (Sawaki Tetsu). After being a widower for seven years, he suggests he finds himself a girlfriend and get married soon. So with the help of his friend, Yasuhisa Yoshikawa ( Kunimura Jun) and his idea of holding an audition to find a girlfriend, Shigeharu falls for the sweet and demure, Yamazaki Asami (Shiina Eihi)

My Thoughts 

I should warn you that if you do not like slow moving storylines, then this movie is definitely not for you.  I would describe Audition as a psychological love story. It's only toward the end of the movie that things get disturbing. Take it from me, a person that loves crazy and psychotic movies, I found the end moments a bit much to handle but it truly sets the standard of this movie. Loved it and understood why this movie has been called one of the best horror movies.

The Eye

Gin Gwai

Country: Hong Kong     Year: 2002     Genre: Horror, Fantasy 


Wong Kar Mun (Lee Angelica) has been blind since she was 2 years old.  At the age of 20 , she is set to receive a very risky and newly implanted cornea transplant to restore her vision.  After going through a successful surgery, she starts to experience unexplained events of seeing black figures that seem to foretell sudden deaths and spirits from the other side trying to contact her.  It seems that Wong Kar Mun has inherited the misery and fate of the cornea's donor, Ling (Chutcha Rujinanon).

My Thoughts 

I have to admit I saw the disastrous American remake of this movie waaaaay before getting into Asian Movies and dramas. Since this is the month for Thrills, Chills, and Squeals (Halloween), I decided to give the original a try. So glad I did. It has erased the nauseous feeling I get when people speak of the American version.  Though transplanted body parts is not a new concept, I enjoyed the Pang Brothers original script.  Definitely an add on the Halloween movie watch list.

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