by DragonAlien, May 31, 2016

            Introducing to you a guy who greatly deserves this guide:

                  Mister Eguchi Yosuke


I can't quite remember the exact date when I first noticed this 48 years old guy, but I do remember it was when I was watching the drama Tokyo Love Story. I only found out later that this was his first drama and I must say although I watched it cause of the main leads whom I liked from before, he definitely caught my attention. His long hair, tallness (185 cm, which is totally rare for Japanese), carefree and artistic attitude, expressive and deep eyes, the way he was smiling and talking, everything about him was so alluring, catchy and attractive. And of course I fell totally in love and wanted to know more about this wonderful man. When I saw actually how popular and how much of a veteran actor he is I felt embarrassed that I haven't heard about him before. It was I think the beginning of 2013, and for such short time he climbed up and became my all time favourite actor along side with Takeshi Kaneshiro,Tony Leung and Kubozuka Yosuke.

As I was watching his projects more and more I could easily see how much of a versatile actor he is and how he can play any kind of role, be it a main or a supporting one, be it drama or movie of any genre, Eguchi-san did it every time marvelously. 

My admiration for him went even higher when I found out that in his real life he is a very kind, modest, amazing man who is married for a long time now with the love of his life, famous singer Chisato Moritaka and they have one son and one daughter. I find them a really cute and beautiful couple who complement each other so well. 


Egucchan, as friends like to call him (so sweet ♥), beside his acting career he is also a singer and a poet. He is a man who keeps his private life really low and quiet so there isn't much to read and find about him, no scandals, no pictures, no public appearances, the man is just so normal and ordinary and he does feel closer to us somehow. ;)

I've read that he likes fishing, riding a motorcycle, traveling, playing guitar, scuba diving, those are his hobbies and they are actually pretty cool and great ones. 

In his life Eguchi-san did more dramas than movies but he has fair numbers of both. In the next few moments I'll tell about those dramas and movies that had the biggest impact on me and where I think he shined the most. ♥

With this smile he always shines I agree but that's only one part of him that makes him so badass and awesome. ;)


Dramas I find important for every true fan of Eguchi-san to be seen:

1. The Great White Tower (2003)



Shiroi Kyoto is a masterpiece. Trust me when I say it. After watching this drama I literally had to question myself about ratings of all other dramas, I felt like all of them were so pathetic, ordinary and stupid. And honestly even today I question myself, I have seen only three dramas that are written in the same glorious and majestic way like this one and I've seen more than 700 dramas. :P

Anyway I shall put my over excitement and love for Shiroi Kyoto aside and say few words why it's such a good drama and why Eguchi is the best of the best here. 

As you could read it's a medical drama. And at the same time it isn't. The setting is in a hospital, it deals with cancer patients, and with hospital researching the cancer and trying to find a cure and keep all those people who got sick alive. First part of the drama (about first 11 episodes) is like an emotional roller coaster, so may heartbreaking moments, touching and powerful ones. But in those moments you'll get to meet two big genius', two doctors who have been friends in the past but because of their different attitudes and opposite opinions they split different ways. One is doctor Satomi Shuji and the other one is doctor Zaizen Goro. I think that I've never felt this way, rooting for both of them, didn't judge any of them and wished that both of them find their true selves and succeed. Zaizen has to be the most complex and interesting character in history of Japanese television, an antagonist and yet you find yourself understanding him in the end. Played by fantastic Karasawa Toshiaki, who brought to life his character, Zaizen is one ambitious, calculative man who doesn't stop for anything till he achieves his goals. And he doesn't care about sacrifices and victims along the way. He believes that he can only be the best in his work and save more lives by gaining more power. While Satomi (played by Eguchi) is an idealistic who believes that he can only be the best in his work and save more lives by research and staying true to his conscience, he is earnest and true, and he doesn't conform nor does he participate in the politics and games. I say with certainty that Satomi is a doctor that every hospital in the world should have and I have only full admiration and love for him, Eguchi did an amazing job in portraying his character.

You get to see two passionate outstanding men, where one is a brutal realist, and the other everlasting idealist. With these two remarkable people and mind blowing script this drama is definitely worth watching.. And second part of it doesn't even deal with illnesses and medical genre, it's more about business and politics. So give it a try. At least for Yosuke sake. ;)

2. Gunshi Kanbee (2014)


I was told by some of my friends here that I mustn't write this stalker's guide before watching Eguchi as Oda Nobunaga here. And oh boy how they were right. Watching Eguchi in Kanbee portraying Nobunaga is a true pleasure and feast for the eyes, ears and mind. His performance was top notch and I bet that nowhere in the world isn't anyone who would do this better than him. Seriously Gunshi is such drama that generally has to be seen, plus with Yosuke gives another reason. 

When I mentioned above how only three dramas beside Shiroi Koyto are perfectly written with best freaking script ever, well Kanbee is one of them. Making a great script for 50 episodes is pretty hard but they succeeded with this drama. With superb cast it was a lot easier of course. You get to see names like: Takenaka Naoto, Tanihara Shosuke, Shibata Kyohei, Takahashi Issei, Nakatani Miki, Okada Junichi (whose performance as Kuroda Kanbee was oustanding), Uchida Yuki and so many others, even the young ones like Nikaido Fumi and Kiritani Mirei, it is paradise indeed. And possibility that they were all remarkable and incredible is low for any drama. But yes with Kanbee they did it, all the actors gave such wonderful performances, they made me so attached to them, I was invested 100%. 

This is the only drama I have ever seen where all the characters were interesting, that side characters shined the same like the main ones, that actually they were equal. I fell in love with so many characters, they are still so vivid and alive in my mind even after months of finishing. 

One historical fantastic drama about man Kuroda Kanbee who was one of the best strategist ever existed, who was ambitious but fair, who loved his family and respected his friends, who had a mind so ahead of his time and who did really so much for his country. Adding there many important events in Japanese history and two grand men like Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Oda Nobunaga, you have a jackpot. ;)

And if you don't like historical dramas then only watch scenes with Eguchi, he appears in first 20 and some more episodes, you seriously wouldn't like to miss his acting here.

There are some flaws and holes of course, some over idolizing but it's doesn't ruin a thing. Gunshi Kanbee is a beautiful drama and I enjoyed so much that I think no other taiga will ever be this good. 

                        3. Roosevelt Game (2014)



This is my third favourite drama with Eguchi-san. And also this drama has made me realize that I actually love business dramas. But only if they have outstanding script which is the case with Roosevelt Game. Again business, again two passionate and amazing characters and once again together like in Shiroi Kyoto, Karasawa Toshiaki and Eguchi Yosuke. I watched this drama before Shiroi Kyoto and I thought how they have amazing chemistry and back then I wished to see them together as leads once again so I was extremely happy when I read that they had a drama together before. 

Anyway both were so cool and great here and I was mesmerized with their acting skills. Both intense, smart, firm and awesome, they shined equally. 

The whole drama is about business management and baseball- practically business involved and mixed with sport. I started cause of the leads and because I like baseball as a sport, but in the end I found myself being so impatient and excited about those business matters the most. ;)

Many great side characters too, penetrating soundtrack, Kudo Asuka who was so sweet, cool and good as a talented player who got involved with all the guys. Although a business drama there were many heartwarming and touching moments between the characters which made this drama more that just business, it makes it a real human and emotional one too.

                               4. Tobosha (2004)


Underrated drama. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of it. With fantastic cast, good action, suspense, script and wonderful music. 

Eguchi plays a probation officer who is on the run for the crime he didn't commit. The whole drama is filled with action, thriller and suspense in a great way, I was always in some doubt while watching and I liked unpredictable events all the way. Eguchi was really amazing, his eyes conveyed so many emotions of sadness, grief, pain and fear, only watching him and his expressions was enough fore me. 

But of course with Abe Hiroshi and Mizuno Miki it was even better, I really enjoyed their constant chasing and their thoughts and questions, whom should they trust, who is the real culprit, who is a traitor, etc..

For everyone who likes good action thriller drama with logical turns of events, this might be the right one then.

                        5. Under One Roof (1993)


One of his very first dramas which was important for his further career. This is one of my dearest family drama as it involves brothers and sisters left without parents to take care of each other. Eguchi plays the oldest brother who after the accident of their parents out of fear, an insecure future, lacking confidence, thwy all end up separately in different home. And after some years he wants to bring them all together to live with him. Logically they all feel resent and blame him. And from then their story as a family begins. 

They really got me with this drama, with characters inside of it, every one of them had their own story and every one of them engraved in my heart. So many heartbreaking, warm, emotional and powerful moments this drama gave me and I loved them all with my favourite Tatsuya played by Eguchi-san.

For the ones who love deep family dramas with lots of both sad and happy moments, who love good developed characters and close bonding between family members, go with this one. It is an old drama but it's a real Japanese classic. 

                            6. Lunch Queen (2002)



This was a funny one. I loved it. One of my very first Japanese dramas generally when I came into dramaland. I didn't know well the actors except Eguchi-san and Satoshi and I ended up loving them all, even Yamapi, he was so cute and young. ;)

Yuko was simply gorgeous. I loved her character here, so quirky, always hungry, smart, outspoken and ready for some fun all the time. Her relationship with the brothers and all the others was so great and interesting to watch, she and Eguchi were made for each other, their constant bickering, little fights and their endless conversations, I really liked their chemistry. 

I think this drama is perfect to watch with some friends too case you get to laugh, smile, stay positive and happy and with so many delicious food scenes. ;)

Either way, definitely not the best drama out there but it is funny, sweet and not waste of time.

                              7. Lady Girls (2015)


His latest drama about three female friends in their '40s who deal with real life problems, job, family and men. I didn't expect to like this drama but I did. What captured me here were those amazing conversations between them and between our main heroine played by Shinohara Ryoko and Egushi-san. Oh how I enjoyed in their relationship for real. He plays a writer who is preparing for a come back while they're meeting in one cafe and talk about men and women, their relationship, chemistry, she is defending women and he of course men. But it's not some childish stupid bickering, it's really based on some experiences and real life happenings, I love the logic that goes with them. Well mostly with him. His sarcasm and witty questions and answers are what makes this drama so dear and interesting for watching. 

Also I love relationship between our other main girl Midori and her sons, they are so sweet and such support to their mom, it was delightful watching them how they take care of each other, have fun, protecting and love each other, wonderful part of drama. 

For me those were the best things about watching Otona Joshi- Eguchi's quirky, demanding, smartass, weird and sarcastic character and Midori's chemistry with her sons. 

Also seeing Eguchi in some romance drama, it was strange for me, I didn't use to that so it was even more challenging and fun. 


                         8. Tokyo Love Story (1991)


Very first role of our dear Egucchan where he was a supporting character but he does appear a lot and holds an important role. Wheres this drama isn't about him, he gets involved with the main girl and his friend who is the main guy. And this was my first time seeing him so imagine me totally falling in love with his character, he is in this drama my typical kind of guy and I guess it was the first reason why I liked him. But then I noticed his acting and his natural expressions, somehow he looked like he was really born to be an actor.

I loved this drama for its end. It is so untypical and satisfying and above everything else so realistic. Main girl was really the coolest in the end. She may appear in the beginning too cheerful, clingy, obsessed with him but she really handled all so good by the end, I like her progressing and maturing through the drama. Also that actress, Suzuki is one gorgeous, beautiful, classic Japanese actress who made such remarkable and unforgettable roles. 

If you're interested in seeing Japan and Tokyo in the early '90s, watching Eguchi's first role and his acting so that you could compare how much he progressed through years and watching non cliche drama, try Tokyo Love Story

                                 9. Chase (2010)


At first glance you'd think how this is some uninteresting story about some tax bureau inspector a guy who is skilled, and a very smart tax evasion consultant whose fates got involved with each other. 

But it's more than that. This is one fast paced drama that deals with business and investigation in rather intelligent and thrilling way. Eguchi's presence on screen is very strong and we get to see him slowly getting personally involved in this case and chasing Arata's character. Although Eguchi is really great and gives such good performance, for me Arata was the one who owned this drama and who shined the most. He really blew me away with his acting, it was so real, so convincing and so strong that I had a hard time hating his character, I just couldn't. 

Two of them carried this whole short drama, the rest didn't capture my attention well enough and I'd watch this one once again only for them and their great performance. And the story is catchy and exciting enough. 

                               10. Triangle (2009)


Oh. I don't know how to explain this drama and the feelings it gave me. It was so great in the beginning. Top notch actors, great suspense, excitement and thrilling emotions all the time. But that end. Last three or four episodes. I hated them. Cause it was the most illogical end for me. Still I liked it. I really have mixed feelings even after all this time. I don't know what to say, I would watch it either way cause of the actors and because Eguchi was so good in this role, he was incredible and I know I would watch it all over again only to enjoy in his acting. 

The idea is very good, plot, actors, characters, even the side ones and still they ruined it with the script. That's why I always say how the script is the most important part in every project. Everything else could fall apart but if you have good script you can make something out of nothing. If you have everything good and bad script it'd be bad no matter what. 

Of course this isn't a terrible drama, I gave even 6.5 I think but I guess since I expected so much I ended being disappointed. 

                     11. Iki mo Dekinai Natsu (2012)


Dealing with social and family problems, this drama tells a story about two people who form one beautiful bond and friendship. Eguchi plays a former journalist with a tragic past who carries his scars and blame himself living the life he doesn't want.Takei Emi plays a young girl who doesn't have a father and who finds out about her cruel destiny about how she was born. Through their difficulties and pain they come to understand and help each other finding their own path.

I liked the pace of this story, liked the acting from both leads, they gave really emotional and heartfelt performances and I liked their chemistry. 

Some scenes were really disturbing and painful and in some moments I wanted to smash a particular person's head but most of the time I felt good and cheering for both leads. 

And ending is really good, with very nice closure. Not my type of a drama but it wasn't bad at all. 


Isn't he the cutest man ever? ♥ ;)

He has really so many dramas, I didn't mention few more so I'll just quickly name them:

- Namida wo Fuite (2000): A family drama that tells a story about a guy whose best friend dies in an accident and he gets to take about his four kids. It's one sweet, cute and touching drama and I read one comment that says how Eguchi-san cries so well. It is so true, these types of roles suit him so fine. The cast is pretty good where some of those kids today are among finest actors.

- Ai to iu Nano Moto ni (1992): This was his first main role and considering that this was made such long time ago, he handled it well. Although a typical drama about romance, friendship and youth, I love the cast. Once again he and Karasawa and main girl lovely and gorgeous Suzuki

-Dinner (2013): Food, food and food. ;)  So much delicious food, I actually learned a thing or two. Eguchi plays a gifted chef who is very rational and stubborn in his principles which I loved about him. The whole drama is pretty fun with quirky characters. Nothing captivating but still relaxing and enjoyable.

- SCHOOL!! (2011): Not some fan of these kind of school dramas but it was decent enough. I like the theme saving something from ruining and closing down so it's instantly grabbed my attention. And kids are cute with Eguchi-san being the cutest one. ;) 

I still didn't get to watch all of his movies but from those I've seen I think these are most certainly A MUST :

   1. Rurouni Kenshin (2012) , Kyoto Inferno (2014),                                The Legend Ends (2014)


Hajime freaking Saito. THE MAN. MOST BADASS SIDE CHARACTER EVER. That's all I have to say. ;) ♥

I think there's no need to write endlessly about these movies cause there is manga, there is anime, there is a hype about these movies everyone knows. But what I'll say is that my all time fav. guy is this one, number one side character ever existed and also fav. character from Japanese movies. While watching every part of Kenshin I had to pause and watch a few times in a row those scenes where he was because it was impossible to bear and endure that amount of coolness and awesomeness. His attitude, his cold behavior in most critical situations, his way of smoking that cigarettes, oh man just smoking hot. Ruthless yet fair, cold but yet warm towards certain person, strong yet weak at glances, one thing is sure, Hajime Saito is the most impressive character in Kenshin and worldwide. Well for me at least. ;)

I really can't think of anyone else portraying Hajime in the way like Eguchi-san. He has that powerful presence on the screen and that charisma mixed with coldness and unconcern. I was literally glued to the screen 100% all the time. And his style, outfit with the sword and cigarette- I really couldn't nor wouldn't wish for more. And yes he looks like he doesn't care about any of it, he's there just to kill, win and give justice. That's the right spirit. 

Personally my favourite part is the third one as i find it more interesting action filled and with much more interesting character and happenings than in other two parts. 

There was this scene at the end where two "couples" were formed and girls helped Kenshin and Shinomori but Hajime was alone. And I found on tumblr that scene and this was written, I laughed so much. ;) 


                             2. Brain Man (2013)


Twisted thriller movie with lots of blood and great cast. I kinda liked it although I expected more from the suspense part. And I liked the script, many words said by detective Chaya played by Eguchi-san. Yasuko is one of my top actresses but her character in this movie got on my nerves, I didn't like her. But nonetheless it's a decent watch with good cast and some bloody scenes that I totally loved. 

                       3. Gimme Heaven (2006)


Loved it. This movie is totally in my style, full of psychos, mystery, originality and art. It deals with people who see the world differently than other people, who have deep dark thoughts and see the music, see colours in numbers and letters, their whole perspective is different. Two of them who are unique and different. Eguchi-san plays a guy who tries to lead a normal life despite being different and spend days with his good, true friend. Miyazaki plays a girl who experienced a tragic past and trying to get on her feet and live in her solitude. And they get to meet each other which lead to many other revelations. 

I find this movie in some hand poetic and artistic and in some way crazy and insane. One thing is sure, it's not typical one and it has bunch of versatile actors who were amazing. Ando Masanobu (I am ultra excited every time I see his name ♥), Matsuda Ryuhei, Ishida Yuriko plus Eguchi and Miyazaki. 

It may be a difficult to understand and maybe the end isn't fully explained but with full attention on details and you'll see everything. 

I like interactions between Eguchi and Miyazaki and they gave very good performances. As expected.

There is more to watch but for the rest go to his list and pick your choice. At least this was enough to get you interested. :P

Let me just for a second enjoy a bit more in awesomeness of Hajime Saito. ♥


I guess this would be all from me. Oh and just a small detail, he is a very good friend, I guess best one with Fukuyama Masaharu (well they do know each other for such a long time now and they did play brothers in Under One Roof) and Takenouchi Yutaka (which is the coolest thing ever). Imagine those three together in some movie or drama, I'd die literally from too much love. :P 

He does have upcoming movie with Yutaka which I can't wait to watch. It's called Life's Promise, and this is the trailer. As for me, it looks like kind of movie I'd like plus those two. ♥

Eguchi Yosuke is really a true example of an actor who has it all: pure talent, convincing expressions, deep and capturing eyes, great looks, tallness and hotness overflowing, and he is very natural in everything he does. He most definitely should be ever more respected and loved.

I am waiting for more and more projects, Eguchi-san. You are the reason why I got into Japanese drama world and for that I am forever thankful. ♥