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Stalker Guide to Seo Jun Yeong

Born:April 24, 1987





Sirius (2013)

~ Main Lead ~

This is personally my favourite of his shows ^_^ It's the first of his shows I've seen and it is very dear to my heart <3 I've seen it 4 times (I ended up re-watching it once or twice a year lol). It's about twin brothers who take different paths in life. One brother is full of love and concern for his brother while the other is full of misunderstandings and hate towards his twin. Seo Jun Yeong plays both roles and does each one splendidly - you really think they are different people. My favourite was Eun Chang - the loving devoted misunderstood older brother. My heart was completely taken by him. A drug lord kidnaps Shin Woo, the younger cop twin, and makes the older brother do his bidding in order to protect his younger brother. It's full of action, suspense, thrill and tensity. It will keep you pulled in from beginning to the end. And when you watch make sure to watch all the way through the credits as I believe the true ending is there. ^_^



Just You (2011)

~ Main Lead ~

Seo Jun Yeong plays Wun Chan an illegitimate son, or so he thinks. He's disliked by his siblings but also loved by them in their mean kind of way. My favourite of his siblings was his oldest brother (I added his pictures in the photos below too because he was so good). He was the only sibling who was a true brother to him. He truly cared for him and would sit and listen to him.I loved them. This drama is about Wun Chan, who's dream is to become an architect so he can build a home for his family. He meets Moo Goong Hwa (Han Hye Rin) by a chance encounter and the curious girl doesn't go away. This drama in all of it's complexities, situations and turmoils, and annoying characters and hateful ones too (yes I admit I skipped scenes because the characters irritated me), the main story was really cute. Besides the cute romance between the main couple, you also have a cute bickering friendship (or what I like to call romance) between the grandparents that I really personally enjoyed. If you're a fan of older daily dramas then you're sure to enjoy this one :) 



Super Daddy Yeol (2015)

~ Supporting role ~

He plays the cute, junior doctor who has a crush on our lead female. I would have supported him if not for my support for the male lead lol. He was sweet, kind, loveable, funny and so nice! There is nothing about him I disliked. He was a great friend and potential lover <3



Heaven's Promise (2016)

~ Main lead ~

Currently watching ~ The beginning really sucks you into the story even though I personally found many inconsistencies throughout. I'm enjoying it so far and I've only heard good things from the people who have seen it in it's entirety. It's about a girl who gets abandoned by her lover of 12 years for a family that she has a bad relationship with. By chance she meets her long lost twin. A fire occurs and she gets a chance at revenge. It's not exactly my kind of story but I like Seo Jun Yeong and Lee Yoo Ri. By the way this is his second drama with her ^_^ 



Tears of Heaven (2014)

~ Main lead ~

I'm currently watching this one as well. It kind of got put on the back burner because of all the airing dramas I've been trying to keep up with and I got the ending spoiled (actually I spoiled myself on purpose - stupid thing to do!) but I'm going to continue with it soon. It's about a girl who gets abandoned by her mother countless times and she's supposed to fight her. Honestly I don't see that yet, all I see is a child who is wanting to be around her mother and not for revenge. It looks like she's looking for a reason to hold onto her mother, which I personally find more ridiculous then taking revenge on her or hating her. She has a past with our main lead guy who has memory loss due to an accident caused by his adoptive family - a very emotionally abusive family to be honest. I honestly like both lead guys very much and I've been having a hard time deciding which one I like more or which one I'd rather have her be with (even though I know the ending lol). It's a pretty decent drama though and does keep you interested. I'm I'm watching raw as there are NO subtitles anywhere to be found :'(  You can't find this drama online anymore either as the original uploader stopped and every site that used her files are now not working.



Beautiful Mind (2016)

~ Guest role ~

This was one of the dramas where I was watching without knowing he was going to be in it! So when I saw him I almost jumped up and shouted Yes! I get pretty excited when he appears out of nowhere in a drama that I didn't expect him to. His role is only a guest role as a patient who is "dying" and acts like he doesn't want to live (mainly because he doesn't want to burden his family with hospital bills) so he acts like he doesn't care about his life. He appears twice in this drama. I love it when our lead gets through to him and he finally says he does want to live. It was so sweet :) Luckily not all was loss for our guest ^^



High As Sky Wide As Earth (2007)

~ Supporting role - comes around episode 90 ~

Adorable as ever in this drama! He appears late in the show (but honestly not too late as this drama has over 160 episodes lol). He immediately takes a liking to our second lead girl and constantly pesters her and talks to her. He ends up making her open up. They were so adorable. I checked into this drama because of Park Hae Jin but I was really glad when he showed up and relieved me of my worries about the second lead girl. Plus when he showed up I started to actually like the second lead girl. This is a long drama but I really liked it and the two romances <3



Deep Rooted Tree (2011)

~ Supporting role ~

He plays one of the king's sons who helped the most with bringing the alphabet into being. I enjoyed his role here as minor and as minimal as it was. He was a good son, would have been a great leader - and he made me cry :"(



Secret Door (2014)

~ Guest/Cameo/background support ~

He plays Sado's best friend and ends up being the reason Sado and his father go head to head with each other. So instead of just a guest role, I like to say he is a supporting role because he is the basis for Sado's thirst for justice. These two had a very strong brotherly bond. I love this sageuk ^_^ It's one of my favourites! It made me a fan of Lee Je Hoon who plays the lead role <3




Speed (2015)

I have not seen this movie yet as it's hard to access. It's about 4 friends who's lives seemingly fall apart. I have no idea if it's good or not. But I plan on checking in at some point for Seo Jun Yeong.


Broken (2014)

~ Supporting role ~

He plays the partner detective to our main detective - he is in disbelief about the case they have on hand. He ends up questioning the purpose of being a detectives when criminals can easily get away with crimes. I loved the explanation the older detective gave him. The movie is a about a father who loses his daughter to rape and murder and he goes on a quest to capture the ones who did that to his daughter. The two detectives go after him.


Bleak Night (2011)

~ Main lead ~

This movie is about 3 best friends, a tragic event that haunts them and the father who tries to find out about the son he never knew. It has a very sad undertone and you'll probably cry. Lee Je Hoon was my favourite of the friends in this movie. He was very misunderstood by his buddies though and they end up going wayward because of it.



The Crying Woman (2014)

~ Main Lead ~

This drama special is about a girl who was raised by a mother who got paid to "cry" or "wail" at noble men's funerals and the daughter was expected to follow into her mother's footsteps. She tries to fight this as she hates crying and says she has no tears. When she gets forced to be a "crier" at a nobleman's funeral, she has no way to escape her "fate". She forms a type of friendship with the Nobleman's son but in that time they can't really be true friends as her fate was sealed. It's a really weird profession - I can't believe they had people do that - the family felt they were too good to cry at their relatives funeral so they hire someone to cry instead - pathetic but overall a decent drama special.



Other more minor roles he's played in: Eighteen, To the Beautiful You, Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy, Unemployed Romance, Sharp 3Six Flying Dragons ... *He's been in so many dramas it's hard to keep up with him. He tends to jump into dramas I don't expect him to be in and when I see him I get shocked and happy at the same time! I think he must know I like him :P 


Eighteen isn't worth your time (if you want to watch it just watch the MV down below that shows a bit of the movie - it's much easier to watch - the movie itself was super boring). 

In Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, he only appears in the first 5 or 6 episodes and has very minimal screen time but I enjoyed seeing him there. He plays the younger brother of Gong Yoo.


In 'To the Beautiful You' he plays the leader of one of the dorms. I liked him. He was weird and funny at the same time. For me he was the only good thing about the drama. I really didn't like this drama - I much prefer the Taiwanese ver. Hana Kimi (has much better acting and storyline). I started and finished this drama just for him.

Unemployed Romance isn't a favorite but I liked him.


He is one of the main kids in 'Sharp 3' but I have yet to watch it as the version I found on YT is very confusing on where the first episode is, and I don't have the patience to try and sort it out yet.

and he had a guest appearance in 'Six Flying Dragons' as one of the scholar students who ended up backing out of the fight for justice because he got scared off. :'(


                                    Music Videos he's appeared in: 

SG Wannabe's " Crime and Punishment", "As We Live" (loved these ones!)

M to M " Be Burnt Completely Black" (Warning! this mv has some horror elements to it)

Daybreak " Good" (this is basically a shorter ver. of the movie 'Eighteen'



This concludes my stalker guide on Seo Jun Yeong ^^ An actor who needs more main roles in shorter dramas! Seriously, I need to see him for more than just a guest/cameo appearance here and there and only being able to watch him for longer periods of time in daily dramas. I want more Drama specials, mini-series with him as a main lead! Preferably in roles like those he played in Sirius ^_^ He's cute either way - detective/crime based or rom/com ^^


If there is an actor or an actress that is worthy of a Stalker's Guide in your opinion, and you have watched enough dramas of his/hers to prove it, please contact Skye-N-Rain about it.