by Sharn, October 22, 2016

Having watching dramas for years, I have often found actors or actresses that just look so similar! However, although they have some features that make them look alike, they each have something that is unique and distinct to themselves. Here are the 6 pairs of stars that look eerily similiar:

1. Jang Na Ra and Zanilia Zhang


Both of them have big, round eyes and a small face. Zanilia Zhang has the Jang Na Ra 'look' in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang


I thought it was Jang Na Ra for a split second.

2. Huang Xuan and Lee Je Hoon


I got to know Lee Je Hoon from his role in Signal. My first thought was, "Who's the male lead? A new actor? He looks familiar though... Wait! Dang, he's like the Korean version of Huang Xuan. lol"

3. Son Ye Jin and Han Ga In

These two are well known for how closely they resemble one another. 91M7ZWk3_2b1b67_f.jpg

A lot of people also mention that Kim So Hyun looks like the younger version of Son Ye Jin. I kind of agree.


4. Park Shin Hye and Ryu Hwa Young

Whenever I see Ryu Hwa Young in a drama, I always get surprised and think that it's Park Shin Hye in a cameo. It's most likely because they both have the same 'type' of eyes.


5. Kang Dong Won and Jung Joon Young

Despite the dark circles around his eyes,  Joon Young often looks like Kang Dong Won. I have also heard that he's famous in Korea for looking similiar to KDW.


6. So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho

Armed with deep set eyes, Yoo Seung Ho looks like a younger version of So Ji Sub. He's like an innocent caterpillar that has yet to transform into the mature, sexy and smokin' hot So Ji Sub.


Seriously, they totally look like brothers!


Which Asian celebrity pairs most look alike? Any not listed here?