by DreamingKoreanBallad, August 4, 2017

Kim Tae Hoon

Born: May 26, 1975

The first time I can recall seeing this actor in a drama was when I watched Operation Proposal, I didn't know him then but I remember thinking he was handsome.^^ It wasn't until the year 2014 when I started to recognize him and anticipate him in dramas whether he played a villain or a sweetheart - as long as I could see him on my screen I was a happy camper. ;) And I completely fell for him in his role in Fantastic - I actually shipped him with the lead actress rather than the main lead lol (he'd have been my choice). Back track to One More Happy Ending and I fell for him all over again. I really hope he can start getting main lead roles, rather than supporting roles or secondary character roles - or even 2nd lead roles (as he had in Fantastic) - he is lead role material and I just don't understand why he's not cast in that role. I'd love love love to see him in a romantic drama as the main lead. ^_^ It would do all of our hearts good!         


Family: Kim Tae Woo

Both he and his brother are phenomenal actors!!!        


I used to only see his older brother in villain type roles, but after watching the old drama  First Love, I can't get his adorable law student image out of my mind. He was so sweet in that role! I haven't seen as many of his dramas however as I have of his younger brother's - but I can conclude that they are stellar actors! It'd be pretty cool if they starred in a drama together as brothers on screen! ;)



Fantastic (2016)

Probably the most adorable sweet fun loving second lead character ever! He was such a great guy who tried to live his life to the fullest even though he was dying. His character was my favorite and one of my main reasons for continuing this drama and not dropping it. (Him and Ji Soo). I preferred him over the lead a hundred times over - and if I was the leading lady, despite his time limit - he would have been my choice. I simply adored this character (my favorite of all characters I've seen him play - and made me desperately want to see him as the main lead role in a romantic drama where he gets the girl). He makes your heart race and your tears fall. Perfect adorable straight up honest man. Forget about the main leads - he was the show stealer. ;)


The Guardians (2017)

He plays a righteous prosecutor in this drama, he played by the books and did his best to win by them. If something required going outside of the law to bring justice he refused. He did what he believed was right from the start and never strays from that path. His ways would be perfect for a straight non-winding road, but b/c of all the corruption it's hard to stay firmly by the law and not push and pull it a little to get justice served where it needs to be. Never-the-less I enjoyed his character.   


One More Happy Ending (2016)

My second favorite character he's played. ^_^ I enjoyed this couples romance or re-romance even more than the main couple, I do wish this drama would have given more screen time to them and less screen time to the crazy haired woman. He plays a married man in this drama and him and his wife have grown apart (from what I think was her post natal depression) they'd get colder by the day until they finally decided to try and really love each other again. It was beautiful. Here is an MV of this couple. *be warned it is spoiler-ish*


Hidden Identity (2015)

As Min Tae In, he was a fellow undercover officer with the leads brother (if I remember correctly), and in order to catch the bad guys, he goes undercover once again, only this time it doesn't go so smoothly. The drama is about the undercover officers and team that hunt out the bad people. Not the most engaging of dramas, but I enjoyed it for the most part as it was airing. My favourite character was KTH obviously lol - I was also glad to see him as a good guy rather than a bad guy (as the drama I just watched before this one was Angry Mom) Lol


This Is My Love (2015)

~ *Also known as My Love Eun Dong* I chose this title, however, because I can then decide on who's love I say it's about lol - I did not believe in the so called "love" of our leads - in my eyes it was lust. The only one who had sincere love (my definition of love) is Choi Jae Il. Even if he made wrong choices or did some things out of desperation - in the end, his love can still be called love; I can't say that for the leads. ~

As Choi Jae Ho, He plays Eun Dong's husband. I personally loved his character, despite some wrong choices he made in his past. I just recently finished this drama, and I skip watched it for KTH, no way was I going to watch a drama I have zero interest in unless I was going to skip through it. I watched every scene with Jae Il and I fell in love with his character. I know there are differing opinions about his character but he'd be my choice. I felt deeply for him, his pain, his love, his sincerity, his fear, his anger - everything about this man was heartfelt. Whilst the leads, on the other hand, moved out of bodily lust. (even just a few things the male lead said were disturbing. As one commenter put it - he was nothing short of an obsessive stalker). I cried a lot for Jae Il. I loved his relationship with his son Ra Il, so sincere, so deep.

I do not recommend this drama as a whole, but if you are like me and love Kim Tae Hoon, then it wouldn't hurt to skip watch only his scenes (as they are the only things worth watching IMO). But if you are like me, even skip watching it won't stop you from hating the other characters lol


Angry Mom (2015)

He plays the bad guy in this drama, he was a bad guy who became one because of the way his father treated him, his father basically created the person he became. A bad teacher who has an illicit relationship with a student who winds up dead. (but if you can't already tell from the pictures, he got along great with the cast behind the scenes ^_^


Bad Guys (2014)

He plays a prosecutor or lawyer (can't remember which) in this drama. And I can't give away spoilers but for me, he gave off bad vibes when he first appeared and we find out why later.


Secret Door (2014)

As Kang Pil Jae, the leader of a swordsman gang. It's been a while since I've watched this and I don't remember his character clearly, but I'm sure I enjoyed his character good or bad lol (also it's a really great drama).


Pure Love (2013)

He's actually the main lead in this one! When it was airing I watched episode 1 and planned to watch the rest later, well, my later was too late, I can't find it anywhere online and the only site I can get it from, right now the links are all dead. :/ *I've asked them to re-upload it though, so hopefully they will grant my request* Kim Tae Hoon plays Jung Woo Sung. The drama is about teens who seem more mature than the adults. Here is a clip of Kim Tae Hoon's character: CLIP


Innocent Man (2012)

As Ahn Min Young (He plays an attorney) *I watched this long ago so I don't remember much about the side characters lol*


Operation Proposal (2012)

He plays the "Time Conductor" Kang Jin Woo (Baek Ho's father), he grants his son wishes to travel to the past to reset his mistakes so he can be with the girl he loves. This is the first drama I saw him in I believe, I didn't know who he was back then but I loved seeing him, he was just so handsome. ^^ Back when I watched this, I also didn't know about MDL and didn't know how to search for particular actors' dramas. lol (I swear I was back in the stone ages when I watched some of my earlier dramas). If it had been now, I would have searched him up right away and would have "stalked" his projects earlier. (But there is a time and a season for everything). ;)


You're So Beautiful (2011)

This is a daily drama that I've been searching for with no luck for years. :/ I want to watch it but I can't find it anywhere. Kim Tae Hoon is the main reason I want to watch this drama lol - I'm sure he plays the "bad guy" because the synopsis says he leaves the main lead girl and gets married to another.


King Geon Cho Go (2010)

As Boo Yeo San, I have yet to watch this drama so I don't know what his role is exactly. But the drama itself is about the warrior king of Baekje. Kim Tae Hoon's character looks interesting.




Trick (2016)

Awesome movie, that you really don't know anything until you reach the end! Kim Tae Hoon was amazing in this! I loved his character from the beginning to the end. It's about a PD who published false news years ago and ruined the lives of the people who ran that business, that he could not continue being a PD. Then years later he's offered the job of filming the daily life of a terminally ill man and his wife. (I'll just say one thing, this PD is total scum). This movie made me cry and feel so bad and so angry and then also ended up making me laugh at the "trick". (I watched it raw b/c there are still no subs anywhere). Trailer


Snow Paths (2016)

It's about an alcoholic who enters rehab, meets a nice young nun, and a hunter who comes in and he follows him hoping to get a drink... That's basically what the synopsis is about (doesn't sound all that great lol), I have not seen it yet and I can't find it anywhere yet. And with this synopsis, the only reason I'm interested in it is b/c of KTH. Trailer (Eng Subbed)


The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014)

As Kim Jung Gul, I don't really remember his character in this movie either, though I watched it only last year I think... The movie wasn't that engaging for me personally. It was more boring than it was enjoyable... It's about Yi Sun Shin (the general who during the Imjin war (war between Korea and Japan) made Japan turn around with his victory in the sea). (better drama that depicts LSS would be Jing Bi Rok).


The Man from Nowhere (2010)

He plays the detective in this movie. When I watched this a long time ago, I didn't really know him that much yet - so I was totally invested in Won Bin and Sae Ron rather than the storyline or any other characters. lol


When Winter Screams (2013)

Trailer - the trailer makes me want to watch it lol, I can't find it online, however. :/ But it looks interesting and "thrilling". The synopsis is a bit confusing, but it seems he goes away to "think" after getting bad news about his unborn baby and getting fired from his job. He thinks about his past memories and meets 2 strange men and then a girl shows up looking for her father.


He has several other movies under his belt, but most of them aren't ones I'd watch unfortunately.









This concludes my article on a phenomenal actor who deserves the chance to shine in main lead roles! Come on, writers/directors, I'd watch it and I know several others who would too! Give this talented and handsomely dashing man bigger roles! Preferably in romance or detective roles where he gets the girl and captures the bad guys! :D