by ReikabLeu, December 21, 2017

So here I am writing something about Captain Takuya Kimura again. I wanted to do an updated version of the Stalker's Guide but felt like I am not ready for that yet.

So I decided to go with this one.

In my previous article, dragynfaerie said and I quote:

You're not wrong, you've just come up short. 5- His hair. 6- His walk. OMG he has swag. I love his walk. It makes me want to jump him from behind.

I did not include his hair in that article as it deserves an article of its own, like NewKDramaAddict said:

Wait...HIS HAIR!!! That's a post all by itself!!!!

Since he was young he has always been a trendsetter, most especially with his hairstyle and his clothes.  His hair definitely stands out.

So, let's start.

Long Vacation

He just looks so young and carefree.

Love Generation

Do you guys remember when Riko cut Teppei's hair? I was like OMG!!! I was anticipating that he will kiss her as a punishment for cutting his hair.

A Sleeping Forrest

His looks added more to his mystery.

Beautiful Life

How about his hair when he was the hairstylist? It looks so fluffy. LOL.

Change and Ando Llyod, - A.I. Knows Love?

 I love his hair curly. I find it so dorky yet adorable. ADORKABLE ??

Change, Pride, Karei naru Ichizoku and I'm Home

He also looks so dashing and clean with his short hair.

Musashi Miyamoto and Oda Nobunaga

I especially love his Samurai looks. I could post a whole lot more but this has been getting quite long. But really, his hairstyle really deserves an article of its own.

Special Mention:

Manji of Blade of the Immortal

I love him more for the fact that he is not afraid to get dirty just to be sure he plays his role to the best of his ability.

What do you guys think? Which hairstyle is your favorite?

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