by ReikaBleu, November 15, 2019

Hello, I'm back again with another Dorama from Takuya Kimura.  This time it is entitled Grand Maison Tokyo.  I watch the episodes both RAW and with Hardsubs.  It currently has 3 episodes aired. It airs every Sunday at 9 PM Japan Time.

To be completely honest, when I decided to watch this drama, I was only doing it for Takuya. I never really had any expectations when I started it. But, dang, the first episode got me hooked!

Before going into why I got hooked, here's a quick synopsis of the story:

Obana Natsuki is a charismatic Japanese chef running a 2-star restaurant in Paris. Despite an extreme pride and confidence, he can't seem to earn the 3 stars he covets. Feeling the pressure of a career slipping away, Obana's troubles are compounded when his restaurant is caught in a scandal that forces its closure and the departure of his staff. Amid his despair, a glimmer of hope arrives when he encounters a female chef with whom he is encouraged to start anew. Assembling a staff of talented chefs, he launches his restaurant but is constantly clashing with personnel. Can a middle-aged man once knocked down recover the verve of youth necessary to achieve a lifelong dream? (TBS)

Alright, now that's out of the way let me list down, at least, 3 reasons why I love this drama.

Hajimemashou!  始めましょう!   Let's start!

Speaking French. 

While I love Nihongo, I find French (language) very romantic and hearing Takuya speak French was divine. Haha! But really, it's nice to see a dorama that mixes another country's language and culture with the Japanese ones. It's quite refreshing and interesting. The first few minutes of episode one is set in France so you'd hear them speak French quite a few.

Of course, their French is not the best, but I think it was good enough.

The Food

Goodness! The dishes they make are so beautiful and very much Instagrammable. I've never had a real French cuisine before so watching this dorama makes me want to experience it. Also, please make sure you have a full stomach before watching this drama (LOL) as it would really make you hungry with all those food they serve. Aside from French food, Takuya made bentos and Rinko also serves Japanese food at home.


The Cast

Last, but definitely not the least. I'm so glad that they did not choose younger cast to be with Takuya, this time around. Most of the cast are seasoned actors and actresses which I super like. Unlike most of the previous works by Takuya where he is usually partnered with somebody younger than him, now they embraced their "age". All of them aged like fine wine, so I really do not have any complaints about the chosen cast for the characters. I especially think the actors playing Rinko Hayama (Suzuki Kyoka), Kyono Rikutaro (Sawamura Ikkiand Kamehito Aizawa (Oikawa Mitsuhiro) are all superb!

Image from AsianWiki

There is also another cast that would surprise you of their "importance" in the drama.

I do hope my reasons were enough to at least get you to give the dorama a try. :)

If you want to watch, the Hardsubs are linked up there.

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