Maybe I'm the only one but while watching this utterly cute story I have so many thoughts, that I just cannot post all of them in the comments. I tried until episode 8 but now I'm giving up and post it here as a discussion. That's just easier and everyone can write something. 

I love Thai series, mostly BL series, I admit but seriously is there any country that makes them so cute and cuddly? But still, even though, I like these shows, I normally avoid pre-watching an episode without subs...except for 2 Moons it seems. I love this series so much, I just pre-watch the episodes without subs and even though I pretty much understand nothing, I giggle and cringe and smile and enjoy watching it so much. Anyone else doing that? And then watching it again when the subs are out? (And checking if any of the translation guesses you made were right? ^.^)

Also, I really love the dynamic between Pha and Yo. At first I thought it would be a little bit unbalanced but while most of the time Pha seems be the boss in the relationship there are moments where you see Yo being stubborn or Pha doing what he says because he's his heart (or what was written again in the note?)

I just love them so much. And now with episode 9, the others are stepping it up a notch too :D

I LOVE 2 MOONS THE SERIES, IT'S MY FAVORITE SHOW. I don't exactly pre-watch an episode without subs though cause I believe that it ruins the surprise of the plot but that's just me.

I've been watching interviews on youtube though cause I just find everyone SO CUTE when they interact with each other outside the show. ESPECIALLY PHA AND WAYO CAUSE THEY'RE MY OTP.

Now that I think about it, I've never even realized the dynamic of Pha and Yo and I totally agree with you 

Not to mention I like how they started the relationship between kit and ming so early, I find that it's a nice break from Pha and Yo's relationship.

Thailand is literally the only Asian country that I've found that actually has happy endings for lgbt shows/movies and I love it, cause most lgbt movies always end up with the gay couple dying or breaking up due to some stupid reason. They also have a BUNCH of lgbt portrayals in their shows, whether it's a side story or a main drama. 

Yes normally I also don't watch any shows without subs to not ruin the surprise but with 2 Moons I just cannot wait T.T

Oh, I KNOW, they are all soo cute together in the interviews and so ^.^ =3

I love that they start the relationship early too, between Ming and Kit, especially because then later on it doesn't seem like out of the blue. Starting slowly :D And I really can't stop loving when Ming always says something about Kit with KitKat XDXD

Haaa...Thailand, our only hope ^.^
i seriously am about to cry. dont want saturday to come . ep 12 will be epic. i donno why people not liking the drama. i have watched ALOT OF BL DRAMAs this one is one of the best ..
seriously even acting wise. i saw ALOOOOOOOT worse! i hope seasons 2 and 3 passes and we get to see all of them again^^ by the way i like ming too. but pha is krl3orjdnekepccmfmdld