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I'm looking for some sites where I can watch Chinese dramas without those awful dubs (no offense but it is really awful lol) but with english subtitles. Specifically, looking for a non-dubbed Cruel Romance. (you can't blame meh, I really love the real Huang Xiao Ming's voice lol!!) I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance! 
If this does exist I'd like to know too.
I haven't watched any Chinese live action until a few days ago (Ice Fantasy + Who Knows the Female of the Women).
The only other Chinese tv show I've watched was the Condor Hero anime adaption (which is amazing BTW).

When looking for answers to the same question I found this post and gave up on this idea. I'd absolutely love to hear the original voices too though :)
I did come across a non dubbed version on you tube but it was just a one off clip. Most Chinese dramas are dubbed for various logistical reasons but you kinda just get used to it.

Found it strange listening to Huo Wallace voice in Love Me if You Dare and then i watched The Journey of Flower where his voice was dubbed. Strange but the things we have to do :-)
Boss and Me uses their real voices. All the other ones I have seen were dubbed. 
I think Better Get Going also uses their real voices but it is like an office drama
Hi!!! :)  You can watch Korean/Japanese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese/Chinese movies and dramas from here....http://www.gooddrama.to/watch-drama-shows
I usually watch from there but there are other sites as well..

Enjoy!!! :) 
I think "Back in time" is not dubbed!
Rookie Agent Rouge is also not dubbed. I think they dub everyone that talks in Japanese but the rest is not dubbed. 
Pretty much all Mainland China's dramas are dubbed. The only chinese dramas that doesn't get subbed are Taiwanese dramas. 

this drama is not dubbed and very interesting

this drama is not dubbed and very interesting
Hi, you can use the new rainierland movies here at: rainierland
Most modern Chinese dramas are not dubbed, but the historical ones usually are. China has a ton of dialects, and many actors have different dialects, and some Taiwanese/Hong Kongnese actors and actresses are in them too and they have like Taiwanese and Hong Kong accents, so it really messes up the language. That's why so many dramas are dubbed so that all of them have the standard Chinese dialect. 
I found that most Wang Kai shows are NOT dubbed and he is one of my favorite Chinese actors.....I have watched Love Me if You Dare, When a Snail Falls in Love and Ode to Joy....I would watch more Chinese shows if they weren't dubbed....they usually use childlike  high pitched voices for the women so I get annoyed and stop watching...what are some good shows/films that are not dubbed?   
Thanks for the reply, guys! :) I will definitely try the sites you've recommended. Thank you also for the tips!