This is my very first game. I wish this won't flop lel

Describe your life NOW (at the very moment) using a drama/movie titles.

You can also relate it to the story/plot of the Drama/Movie. You can even mention specific character from it.

This could differ from time to time since our moods change and problems and so on... I guess you can eliminate the the's, a's. 

Example: Sex is Zero

So, you'll get the idea lol

I'll start:

Love (literally) ^_^~

Based on titles only:

Loyalty and Betrayal
Sex is Zero
Incomplete Life
Lonely Heart
Unemployed Romance (only without the romance, LOL)
Lol, I thought of another:

Sweet Savage Family. LOL
Can you hear my heart 
A moment to remember 
based on the titles
God's Gift - 14 Days 
hahahahaha bettyboo I'm laughing so hard right now hahahahaha God's Gift - 14 Days hahahaha
Insanity ~ Im losing it.