Pick one of the above user's Favorite drama list  a drama which you liked or would like to watch :)

Just go to a list named something like 'Favorite dramas' or so. 

Lets have fun and inspire each other with our obsessions :)

(I was inspired by the thread Which drama from the above user's 'Last List Updates' would you pick? )
secret love affair

the princess man

been a while on my HDD ...
I've tried to watch it but was not in mood for it. Still want to watch it one day in the right mood.
Cheese in the Trap
..waiting for the next episodes
Sunao ni Narenakute :)
I really liked "It's okay that's love" and "The Girl who sees scents" ^^

And I think I'll check "God's Quiz" out ^^
Love Shuffle~ Great cast!
Ah, hard choice! Between Healer and I Hear Your Voice, Healer wins but only slightly ^_~
It's Okay, That's Love
Cheese In The Trap

Some of my favorites <3