I placed this drama on-hold now ^^ I'll give it a try, thank you :) but for now I'm watching way too many dramas and school is starting next week ugh. I don't know Yoo Seung Ho. This was the first drama I watched with him but I just don't like stories with animals idk. I just coudn't get into it (relationship between him and his cat). Strangly I heared The Producers is boring haha
@Bongsookie You should watch all of them(Except one or two). Especially Kurosaki-kun no linari ni nante naranai(both)!!*squeaking like a crazy fan girl* and maybe the web dramas(EXO next door/Dream Knight)
You should probably give another change to Big (Gong Yoo is perfect in these role, so cute when he acts so childish, and the ost! oh I really like them) or if you refuse you could try to continue Queen In Hyun's Man (so romantic and the chemistry between the main protagonists is special!)
I would give a second chance: I Hear Your Voice. Lee Jong Suk is too cute! 

Not let see It's Okay, That's Love.  One of the best dramas that have been made.
@kar you know I think I would have finished 1994 if I hadn't made the mistake of reading all the reply 1994 dramabeans recaps! I can't believe I did that, lmao. after that I just didn't feel like watching it anymore since I found it a little hard to marathon in the first place. I lovelovelove pretty much all reply characters, but '94's script also seemed extra dragged-out & I felt impatient sitting there sometimes. I'll consider picking it up soon but aim for something like 2 eps a week rather than trying to blast through it one go.
so, I either haven't seen your on-hold or dropped dramas or dropped/paused them myself, & I didn't think much of those that I have seen. I have heard a lot of awesome things about rooftop prince, however. I watched somewhere between four and six episodes before life made me put it on hold, but I enjoyed it quite a bit up to that point!
From your on-hold list: Signal, Bad Guys, D-Day. I highly recommend finishing Signal & Bad Guys. They both deserved all the praises they got and can be described as one of the best dramas.
From you dropped list I agree with most of your choices, but maybe you wanna take a look into Pinocchio and Panda and Hedgehog. While PaH was really silly and not really a good drama, I still have it in a good memory and enjoyed watching it :D
@theairtwit I understand you. The drama lost when has spoiled. Thanks for your answer!

@miaya If you liked to W, you can not miss "Queen In Hyun's Man".
@kar you should give Arang and the Magistrate another chance :)

From your on hold list:  Marriage contract and Noble my love
From your dropped list: You may want to try One more Happy ending.
I have to agree with your dropped list. The only one of those that I'd choose to finish that I've seen to the end is Fated To Love You.

You are a few chapters to finish... Boss & Me!

The Princess' Man! Fighting! You are halfway!

Shopping King Louie is actually pretty good! Hope you give it a chance :)

From your on-hold list....The Flu!!! I highly recommend you to watch it!! :)  One of my favourite disaster movie! :) 

I suggest picking missing noir m back up from your on-hold list. it's one of my fave crime/detective dramas (:

From your dropped list, I definitely recommend picking up Pinocchio

From your on-hold list, you have two of my favorite dramas ever just sitting there: Dear My Friends (sooooo worth it) and Signal.