The person above you will choose a drama on which you have to comment what you liked and disliked about [the drama].
Person 1: Cheese in the Trap
Person 2: I liked... I disliked...
Person 2 then has to choose a drama for the next person.
I'll begin! :)

Descendants of the Sun
I liked the plot and also Song Joong Ki, of course  :P

Another Oh Hae Young
I liked the idea and the plot in general.
I disliked how little impact it had on me as a drama watcher.

i liked the comedy elements and bromance in series
i didn't have any specific dislikes

I liked the plot, the cast, the main couple is one of my favorites.
I dont dislike anything, I love Healer

Cheese In Trap
I liked how hard-working Hong Seol was as a college student and how the leads' relationship progress.
I disliked how it ended and how Baek In Ho was just left by himself... I basically disliked the SLS that hit me too hard.

The Master's Sun
I watched the first four episodes of The Master's Sun, so I can't really judge it yet. Based on what I've watched so far, I don't like both the female and male lead. The male lead is too cold, while the female lead is too clingy. 

Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart
I liked the beginning.
I disliked everything else. Did not even finish the drama. Dropped it...

My Love From the Star
I liked a lot of qualities in the main character. He was really cool to watch.
I disliked the flash backs to the past and the villain a lot.

You're Beautiful
oh... i like this game coz i got to comment on what i like and dislike in a drama... 

like: cute gender bender story.... but i enjoyed the Taiwan version more though.
dislike: Park Shin Hye.*peace. hehe

Stranger/Secret Forest (2017)
I liked that the ending has already been planned from the beginning, and the villains are actually not real bad guys. They have reasons for it.
I disliked..well...actually i'm not that into crime genre.. i admit that i watched this only because of Jo Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na.

It's Okay That's Love
I Liked the story,cast acting,ost, the general atmosphere which was great
I don't dislike anything 

Madame Antoine
I liked that drama... I like Han Ye Seul SO much, ever since my very first drama Birth of a Beauty, so ofc I liked her here too. Her character was really good for me and story was nice. Sung Joon was good here too (after that flop called *ahem*HighSociety*ahem*) and one other character that I really liked was Mi Ran (potrayed by Jang Mi Hee)

Twenty Again
I liked that the female lead was empowered and grew spiritually throughout the drama. I also liked the sincerity and support that the male lead gave her.
I didn't like the character and performance of the son's girlfriend, she was immature and irritating. I also suffered seeing how Ha No Ra allowed others to mistreat her in the first eps.

The heirs
I liked the cast, but disliked the main couple (i guess they had no chemistry).

You're Beautiful