List one thing that happens in practically every drama without fail

Ill start with probably every ones fav (lol) : wrist grab

Getting hit by a speeding car in a crosswalk  and ending up in a hospital with a bandage on the forehead.

Poor characters with the best and latest and expensive smart phones...

Apparently no conection at thing you know, one of them made a huge impact on the life of the other when they were kids, their families may or not (likely yes) share a dark past/secret that lead to all the events that are happening 20 years later (I mean NOW)...meanwhile the lead characters are chased by the enemy who wants them to be in misery because of that secret xD oh and of course the leads only meet again after 20 years in a distressful manner (one of them robs the other, traffic accidents, shoes with gums, one of them is the boss, the FL slaps the ML - who is super VIP, accidental kiss, you name it ... XD)

Gravity in drama is such that when you fall there is always your love of your life crushed under you for some reasons (ratio reach 80% if it's a Japanese drama)

Pathological lack of basic communication between friends, lovers and family members (except in comedy shows that use misunderstandings as a plot device, of course). Not that misunderstandings don't happen in real life, but don't you just love it when it's painfully clear that almost ALL of the bad stuff happening in a drama could have been easily avoided or solved within one episode if the characters had a proper conversation instead of keeping things to themselves for whatever reason...

an actor/tress who overacts. and irrational plots.


Illegal U-Turns

Good one. 

Sad past or sad backstory.

some gets hurt/sick/injured and had to be tended to by either loved one or second lead (Jdramas).

Mainly going off K-dramas but:

  • Drunk scenes
  • Wrist grab
  • Missing out on seeing the other love interest by a matter of seconds (if that)
  • Evil mother/stepmother/mother in law
  • Dead parent(s)
  • Amnesia
  • Makeover/change in appearance
  • Head pat
  • Product placement (especially Subway or Samsung)

One of the leads faints or has to be carried by their loved one