Ok so i just came up with it. It's my first time to open a topic:)

I don't know if it already exists so if it does i am sorry:(

So one person will say a kpop group and the next one will say a kpop group from the LAST leter of the previous one mentioned (numbers count too). ex: T-ara, Apink etc ex2: 2ne1-1tym

> If you don't now any groups that start with the last letter of the previous one

1st you are free to comment " - " and then one group that comes to your mind. ex: Trax, -  BTS

2nd in case you remember a group from another country it's ok to comment it if you want BUT you must mention the country. ex: Girls Generation, Nine Percent (CHINA) (you guys are free to tell me if you want this rule to not exist and have only kpop groups!)

3rd If the last letter is a number(i know numbers aren't letters but i don't know how to explain it TT) then you can comment with the second last. ex: Got7, T-ara

4th In case you don't know any group with the last letter but know soloists or a member of a group you can mention them freely.  ex: Girls Gneneration ,  NaNo (soloist)

In case you want a rule somewhat different feel free to comment it or sent me a message:)

One group can be mentioned a lot of times~

Sorry if you didn't understand i usually describe things weirdly...And sorry if i have bad english

OK let's start! I'm going first:


i don't know a kpop group with an 'y' so i'll say with 'a' instead lol


can we add idols too? it's easier with Y i mean


hm, maybe if we get an y we can say an idol or soloist

i don't know a group with x, soo