Same rules as here (courtesy of Sunset)

 Name a topic and then everyone list a drama or movie with it.  After #10 you suggest a new topic, and repeat. You can list more than 1 title at a time.

*if the topic is too  specific/can't list 10 titles then you may start a new topic in 24 hours 

Previous game ended with topic:

10 dramas where the leads have no parents 

(copying from previous thread)

1. Angel's Last Mission: Love 

2. Goblin 

3.  Chicago Typewriter

4.  Shopping King Louie

5. Pinocchio

6. Mr. Sunshine

7. Golden Garden  

8. The Legends

#9 Listening Snow Tower

10 my country 

Someone else can chose a topic

Thx for opening round 2 of this so quickly :D  And thx to Sunset for opening the first version of this game! 

10 dramas/movies where the FL wears a sexy dress

Pics are welcome

1. A Korean Odyssey 

2. Fated to love you 

3 well intended love

4. Hua Jai Sila 

5. Hotel del luna 

6. Live Up to Your Name

7. Fates and Furies

9.  Whats wrong with secretary kim