Explanation: this is just a another version of a game that exist every where..

1. the next poster will rate the drama above him/her from 1-10 then give another drama (not movie)

2. no more explanation coz im weak at that :) *self explanatory.... dont harsh on me ^^

3. you can comment to the drama above if you like

lets start with: Full House

I give it a 7. The plot got a little tired and retread but the two leads were charming.

7 but actually 8 coz i hate lee dah hee's role (also hvnt finish it yet and im baffled with the core plot)

baker king kim tak gu
10....It was a great drama...:D

Liar Game
9 the plot is really interesting and it only gets better with each episode.

Autumn's Concerto
i havent watched ^^

Autumn Concerto // 49 days
for 49 days: 8

The Princess' man
^^ I haven't seen that one

The Greatest Love
I gave it an 8 [The Princess' Man I gave a 1O (:]

Hana Kimi [2OO7]
Mmmm.... that's a hard one. I'd give it a nine. It's really cute and funny.

City Hunter
I gave City Hunter a 9

Bloody Monday
I haven't seen it...

Bad guy

Secret Garden
I haven't seen it.................... *ashamed*

Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling by each step)
not seen it yet..nor am i planning to lol

Coffee Prince