Around 10:00 am my elder brother knocked the door of my room. "He said, zyron  has left us." At first I did not understand because I was not fully awake.He was crying and repeating his sentences again and again. "Zyron left us" I couldn't believe it and went to see him.I shook it for a long time, then finally I believed it he left us . It's been about 6 years and 4 months since we brought him home.  He was a small child. Kept wandering here and there in the house. His health was unwell for the last few days.  He had stopped eating and drinking. Also showed it to the doctor. I hoped he would recover.  I didn't know that he would leave us. My entire family has cried a lot.Just posted this immediately after his funeral. It still looks as if it is sitting in some corner of the house. What I regret now is that I was not with him during his last moments.

May his soul rest in peace.