Generally we try to keep it light here and avoid subjects. 

but as you can see all hell has broken loose lately

We have major metoo situations and white supremacy issues all over the news



Sex Slaves






Will this change how I see dramas and or A pop? 


Have I been seeing a change in others 


Will I continue to support the industry 



Because I watch dramas to try and get to know other cultures. I watch the A dramas evolve like I watch my own evolve and what I have noticed is dramas are a reflection of the cultural mindset 

Young people are changing the world, they will no longer tolerate injustices or blind hatred of the "other"

Its showing up on all level of the entertainment industry

There are good guys out there and Ive noticed that a lot on them are here on MDL

Do any of you feel like you want to stop watching Dramas or stop listening to K pop because of all of this?

Unpopular Opinion 

I dont think they are guilty

Also i hate kpop 

And lets leave politics out of this forum please 

Ignore the post if it bothers you 

I see discussions like this all over the place here 

Im just putting it on the table instead of putting in comment sections like have have read many times

The whole situation can effect the dramas we watch

The Idols

The Writing

The Exporting

all of that is affected 

I love dramas but look at them realistically 

Like any art Dramas are a reflection of societies and cultures

My point and question was about whether or not people will continue to support them with understanding.

I would rather have the discussions than ignore it because people are sensible here and have more exposure to several cultures rather that just one 

For the most part we are all on the same page as far as I have seen

We embrace each other and try to understand the differences rather than get angry and point fingers.

So I asked to see where everyone's mind was at honestly because I would hate for us to stop watching and supporting

If u discovered that great scientists were racist and misogynistics are u gonna stop using their inventions ?

try understnd cultures and get over cultural shock 

Your right hand is the left hand in the mirror so nothing is objective.

I won't stop watching dramas or listening to Kpop because of all the things that are happening. I watch Kdramas (along with Cdramas, Jdramas etc) because I want to learn more about a culture different than mine. I also get accustomed to other languages that are much different than mine, and after starting watching dramas I feel like I am learning new things. Obviously I like the plots and the differences between the western television series and the Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc. is something that I find really interesting.

Also corruption  is a theme that is shown many times, especially in Korean series and movies (examples: Defendant, Silenced, Prison playbook, Hope and many more). I think that the corruption of the rich with the inadequacy of the police is a subject that seems to be on the spot.

I feel that is wrong to say that I support the industry (even if I do by watching dramas and listening to Kpop), because after all it is an industry and in those places money and power is the most important thing. We have seen how sick things actually are (a recent example is the ATEEN case that ''mysteriously'' got buried after it was reported). The industry is not healthy in anyway, the difference is that when something big comes out everyone will know about it, everyone will talk about it for the first couple of days and then it will just disappear. 

The fact that there is corruption is nothing new not only in the Korean industry, but around the world. That doesn't mean that I will stop listening to music or watching dramas because there are problems. Yes there are and they are huge and they will probably never be solved completely, but that won't stop me from loving cinema and music. Of course I won't hide the fact that with the known recent case and others before that I lost respect for some people and obviously it is difficult for me to listen to their music or watch their drama, even though as outsiders we don't know the truth, the news definitely influence me (along with others I suppose); it is something I can't control.


If u discovered that great scientists were racist and misogynistics are u gonna stop using their inventions ?

try understnd cultures and get over cultural shock 

Your right hand is the left hand in the mirror so nothing is objective.

I think we all know some examples of inhumane scientists and most of us also know that even if  some of them were immoral in every kind of way, we were greatly benefited from their discoveries and researches. So I agree in that aspect partially. 

On the other hand I wouldn't use the term cultural shock if by culture you mean the Asian culture or most specifically the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai culture. Corruption and others things like sexual harassment is not a cultural shock. It is a worldwide phenomenon and while corruption may benefit some (but in what extent?) things like sexual harassment only produces victims. If on the other hand by cultural shock you mean that things like this happen everywhere so grow up and accept it, then I completely agree. 

Also to the person that started the subject, it is a little bit silly (no offense) to ask if recent cases will make people stop supporting the ''industry''. First of all just because there are huge problems (not only in Korea but worldwide) won't stop anyone from watching for example dramas or enjoying the asian cinema. Secondly, it is natural that some people who were involved in crimes won't have the support that they used to have -innocent or not-. Lastly, things like rape racism and other things that you mentioned are as I said before a world wide phenomenon. Yes they happen everywhere and they happen inside the industry. That will not stop people from watching something that they enjoy. Just because some people are criminals or just immoral in a subjective opinion we cannot judge an entire country or even worse an entire continent. 

Well ,its a cultural shock once u learn prostitution and porn are restricted and illegal in S. Korea for example
Yet we all know there are many willing female sex workers but they re not called prostitutes .for that ppl stand and support them
I heard that one idol was bashed after leaking his sex tape with a sex worker because he didnt kiss her or hug her wtf?
Should he propose to her to please the society?

Being a woman dosnt mean to support all women , i tend to not respect sex for money its my own opinion u know there are millions of harmful sex but i dont believe all the men asked Seungri to drug the women no way all of them are into  necrophila

Also in Thailand its very ok to find polygamy so again you cant tell the women dont do that its her choice

Racism is wrong ofcourse but its on papers maybe it will be changed with the tendency toward  diversity 

Besides fame is a power and since forever celebrities are followed by groupies and the main reason for showbiz is sex money power and weed

Dont let Netflix girls next door actresses fraud you

Yes this is the kind conversation Im talking about thank you

I also watch dramas for Language/Cultural learning

Here in the US we constantly grapple with our 'idols" having feet of clay. 

The term "casting couch" comes from here if I remember correctly

So its not new to me.

There are those who have been saying they were going to drop their support.

After watching the fallout for the last few days I have been concerned and hoping that those of us who love dramas will not judge everyone in the industry by the actions  of a few, or the belief systems that may seem to be getting worse rather than better.

I really believe they are getting better

For instance Lakorns have evolved greatly from the hay days of slap and kiss (most of them included rape) some still do but most don't anymore.

When I think of it  many of the Adramas have evolved when it has come down to misogyny, the stories and heroines have come a long way  

Racism and colorism will be harder to combat but I really believe that over time these issues will be addressed better as well 

Ive noticed that they are now slowly but surely  

I hope that people will continue to support the actors and dramas until >they personally< show us a reason not to support them anymore

First of all prostitution is illegal in a lot of countries besides S. Korea; I don't know about porn, but Korea is a country that many things are illegal or more accurately were many things are considered bad to do and you will just have people pointing their finger at you. Secondly, the fact that they are not called like that doesn't mean that what they do is not considered prostitution is another country. And the fact that prostitution is illegal doesn't mean that it doesn't exist there. Finally, like I said before there are things that people consider immoral and making a sex tape is one of them, especially when you are famous and you show another face to the world. People wouldn't bash him because he didn't kiss her or something but because he simply did the act with a sex worker. 

Regarding the whole Seungri issue, it is natural that this is all over the news. First of all -from what we know at least- the fact that he (or others) drugged woman is illegal at least. Secondly, drugged or not those people had sex with them -from what it is implied- something that means that they sexually assaulted them if they were drugged, sex workers or  just girls at the club. Lastly, I don't know about Thailand specifically, and I am not going to talk specifically about polygamy but there are things that may be considered legal or not and sometimes the people have no choice (clitoridectomy for example).

I agree with the fame is power, but still that doesn't mean that people who for example are listening to an artists that is revealed to be a rapist will still listen to them, or have the same respect for them. Also as outsiders we can't know the whole truth about the ''scandals'' and what needs to happen is for the cases to be investigated seriously and not be buried like the ATEEN case for example that mysteriously disappeared. Corruption is something that happens worldwide and it should really be considered as one of the most serious issues. 

So again, if someone thinks of abandoning watching dramas or listening to Kpop for example, because of the things that are going on,  that is in my opinion very stupid. These things don't only happen in Korea they happen everywhere and if we stopped watching series for example because of scandals, corruption, actors that we consider immoral we would probably never watch anything again.

Sex is normal that is what Netizens dont understand and believe me they were really saying he is not a gentleman for not showing affection  during sex let alone having sex is sin in Asia
I agree with you prostitution is available there,
There are red districts in many Asian countries  and every one knows that
Drugging girls for sex is "rape" and as far as we know no one reported to the police about that
For that i call it cultural shock and lack of knowledge because the fan base for K popers are very young innocent kids not mature ppl who know that sex is normal
And yep porn is illegal meaning what is a very common thing  on many porn sites  is seen a crime in S.Korea and you can imagine what a 30 + yrs old celebrities would do for their urges which are all considered wrong deeds whether by consent or by buying sex service
So lets not jump to conclusions as long there are no  rape reports  then its all blackmail cause leaking chat is also a crime and invasion of privacy
We do call men many ugly words and mocking their size and whatnot why when a man does that he became the evil and he is objectiving  women,huh?

#metoo is a movement that should support the sex victim women to speak up and not to blame men based on allegations 

Sex assaults and harrasements is wgen a man force him self on a woman not when a women on his bed flirting and playing hard to get 

And not when they are at clubs for free shots and Ecstasy.

I won't generalize, but I do agree that a lot of people exaggerate over everything, including sex, but they are just immature individuals who are commenting on the internet believing that perfect people exist. I wouldn't call sex a sin, but it is something that it is not easily displayed in anything. I mean most dramas include just a kiss and everything more than that is never shown like it doesn't exist. They want to show a ''pure'' love that is certainly entertaining, but obviously not true (and as you said) immature people believe this things.

Unfortunately, I believe that people covered whatever reports may have been made.

I mostly agree, but I don't believe it is because they don't know that sex is normal. In my opinion their point of view is that their idols don't have relationships -in any way- because they are waiting for them... and the saddest part is that some of those people are not that young. The whole problem is the way that the industry is made with slave contracts and extreme communication with fans that makes people delusional and it shows that some really can't think.

I just commented from the things that we know and that we can't really judge as outsiders that will never know the truth. And as I mentioned, even if there were reports we would never know as people who have the power (including police) would probably cover it.

As you said we don't know the whole truth so we can't really judge. Also, just because it is the right thing to report an assault doesn't mean that it is easy to do. Many woman and men can't speak because they feel dirty from what happened and believe that it is their fault. On the Seungri case the only thing that is known in the media is that they drugged women. If you drugged a person and then you have sex with them it is rape.  I am not sure what you mean from the last sentence but even if someone goes to a club to drink or have drugs that doesn't mean that they should get raped or they had it coming. Drinking in a club is as natural as eating in a restaurant that doesn't mean that the women who are having shots in a bar want to be drugged and the get raped.

Lastly, on the part of reports you I would recommend you to see a movie called Silenced. I think it depicts fully how the system works and it is based on a true story that gained attention after the movie was released (years later).

Sex usually happens in bedroom or closed room if the girl is mature enough to party at clubs at night she should not be gullible and naiive to go to closed room or bedrooms with drunk men

If there is a possibility that the reports are hidden then there is a possibility that the same authority that forces the police to do sth can force the media to blame someone 

Again i agree with you its great to know that many people are aware that entertainment industry in korea is the worst and agencies are enslaving their celebrities here if ur interested watch this

If she were drugged she can't really have an option. You are going to a club to have fun and to drink some shots if that shots are drugged and you end up in a closed room being raped then obviously that is not the girls fault.

Plus there are a lot of people in most clubs, so many, that sometimes it's not even possible to walk. If someone led that girl into a closed room and raped her, firstly no one would notice as there are a lot of people and most of the times it is dark and very difficult to find a person and secondly even if she screamed no one would be able to listen. Also, most people don't pay attention to others while in a club and when you get pushed you don't bother to look what happened because there are too many people. Like it is worse than being in a crowded bus (and that is one of the reasons I hate clubs in general).

Can't watch the whole video now, because it is late here and I am sleepy and can't really process it now (I will watch it tomorrow), but I think that some things are too complicated for outsiders like me and you to understand. There are many things in between, money, power, fame, politics etc. Like there are cases of celebrities being abused and saying nothing because if they cancelled their contracts they would be in great debt, a debt that they would never be able to pay. So there are many interests in the entertaining industry that we can't really know or be able to completely understand.

 So if a celebrity is being paid to spend a night or ''dinner'' with someone yes there is a case that this is done wilfully, but there are probably cases where the celebrities don't have that many choices. It is sick to think about it and something that most people will say is that they have a choice. They do partially, but there are so many things behind that and a lot of these people, especially the younger ones put forward their dreams (like the recent sexual abuses from coaches that surfaced a few months ago after the Olympics, that had been going on for god knows how long. Those people wanted to succeed, they were being threatened and probably ashamed. Those kind of cases are probably too many, and not even half of them will be known.)